MAC Gets A Gold

If you’re familiar with Maritime Accident Casebook you might notice a slight change in our sidebar. We’ve been awarded a Gold Maritime Web Award, click on the award logo and see what company we’re keeping.

The Maritime Web Award master is Lloyd’s marine broker Steve Harris. Here are some extracts from his email to MAC:

Thanks for letting us know about the Maritime Accident website.  Wow – it’s like manna from heaven for me !!! It is perhaps, almost needless to say that after an absorbing 30 minutes reading through the cases you’ve highlighted, your website is an easy GOLD award winning maritime website. But personally, lecturing on maritime matters to those in the marine insurance industry, to happen across such information is like gold-dust to me… I am a Lloyd’s marine broker (after 20 years as an insurer), with one of the large marine broking houses, tasked with trying to teach not only our own marine staff, (in the UK and around the world) but increasingly those of insurers, port authorities shipowners, banks, lawyers etc etc about marine insurance, precious few of whom, these days, have any ocean-going experience at all, and whose knowledge of marine matters is woeful. Thankfully it is quite a rewarding task, as I see people gaining knowledge that is so important if they are to understand the nature of marine hull and liability claims. Case examples are a vital way for me to illustrate the theory… Thanks for putting such an important and knowledgeable website together for the benefit of all.

Check out steve’s Maritime Web Awards here 


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