Weekly IMB Piracy Reports

The following is a summary of the daily reports broadcast by the IMB’s Piracy Reporting Centre to ships in Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean Regions on the SafetyNET service of Inmarsat-C from 1 to 7 August 2007.


Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh
Fifty two incidents have been reported since 28.01.2006. Pirates are targeting ships preparing to anchor. Ships are advised to take extra precautions.

Suspicious crafts

16.07.2007: 2000 UTC: Off Somalia
Inspite of rough weather, one suspicious boat tried to approach a ship underway. The boat stopped altered course and moved away when she noticed alert crew on board

Recently reported incidents

05.08.2007: 0330 LT: 06:19.29N – 003:23.62E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria.
Two robbers armed with long knives boarded a LPG tanker at anchor. Duty crew raised alarm and robbers escaped with ship’s stores. Port control informed. Ship advised to drift 15 nm away from pilot station.
16.07.2007: 2310 LT: Callao anchorage, Peru.
Robbers managed to board a container ship at anchor. Within a period of ten minutes, they stole ships stores even though there were four ships crew on roving watch. Port control informed but no response.
03.07.2007 1920 LT: Pier 5D, Callao port, Peru.
Three masked robbers armed with knives boarded a berthed container ship. One robber with a knife held a duty cadet on watch whilst the other two lowered lashing chains to their waiting boat. After 10 minutes, the robbers sighted the coast guard patrol boat and immediately jumped into the water and escaped. Alert coast guard pursued the boat. The boat was finally recovered near the fishing berths with the knives on board, but the stolen stores and the robbers were missing.
05.08.2007: 0255 LT: 00:01.3N – 117:35.1E, Bontang anchorage, Indonesia.
Seven robbers armed with guns, knives, crowbars and steel pipes boarded a bulk carrier at anchor. They held the duty AB at gunpoint and tied him up. They tried to break open the bosun store door but were unsuccessful. The robbers stole the duty AB’s walkie-talkie and other ship’s stores and escaped.
05.08.2007: 1535 LT: Posn 02:18N – 107:04:48E, Anambas Islands, Indonesia.
Four pirates in a speedboat approached a sailing yacht underway. When the pirate boat was nearly alongside, a pirate standing on the bow of the boat, attempted to throw a small warp-anchor with a thin rope attached to enable to board the yacht. The master of the yacht increased speed and manoeuvred the yacht in zigzag manner. Luckily, the pirate boats’ engine failed enabling the yacht to escape.
03.08.2007: 0620 UTC: 02:54N – 051:42E, 240 NM off Somali coast, Somalia.
Pirates in a medium-sized craft altered towards a container ship, underway. As the master altered course, the craft altered her course and continued to remain on collision course with the container ship. Due to the large difference in speeds between the two ships, the pirate craft aborted her attempt.
02.08.2007: 0200 LT: Posn: 29:43.06N – 048:40.1E, Umm Qasr anchorage, Iraq.
Robbers armed with guns boarded a container ship and opened fire with automatic weapons, which damaged master’s cabin porthole and second officer received injuries on his fingers. Robbers stole ship’s cash, master and crew’s personal belongings and cash.
29.07.2007: 1020 UTC: Posn 00:27:5S – 049:36:4E, 270NM Off Somali coast, Somalia.
A suspicious craft followed a bulk carrier underway for 4 hours. The craft failed to reply on VHF and did not transmit any AIS data. As the master altered course to move away from the craft, the craft aborted the chase and proceed towards the Somali coast. After a few hours, the same craft started following the bulk carrier again. She followed the bulk carrier for about 3 hours and when the master once again took evasive action, the craft aborted her attempt and altered towards the Somali coast.Reporting of incidents

Ships are advised to maintain anti-piracy watches and report all piratical attacks and suspicious movements of craft to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia .

Tel + 60 3 2078 5763
Fax + 60 3 2078 5769
Telex MA34199 IMBPCI
E-mail IMBKL@icc-ccs.org
24 Hours Anti Piracy HELPLINE Tel: ++ 60 3 2031 0014


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