IMB Weekly Piracy Report


Malacca Straits – Kidnapping
23 August 2007
Armed pirates boarded a tug and barge underway. All communication equipment was damaged. The pirates stole the ships documents and crew personal belongings. Before leaving they kidnapped the captain and chief engineer. The pirates have demanded a ransom for their release.
All ship masters are requested be remain extra vigilant while passing through these straits.


Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh
Fifty two incidents have been reported since 28.01.2006. Pirates are targeting ships preparing to anchor. Ships are advised to take extra precautions.

Suspicious crafts

16.07.2007: 2000 UTC: Off Somalia
Inspite of rough weather, one suspicious boat tried to approach a ship underway. The boat stopped altered course and moved away when she noticed alert crew on board

Recently reported incidents

15.08.2007: 0130 UTC: Posn 05:51S – 013:24E, Democratic Republic of Congo.
Eight robbers armed with knives boarded a refrigerated cargo ship at anchor. They stole cargo and ship’s stores and escaped.  No injuries to crew. Attempt to contact local agents via VHF were futile.
21.07.2007: 0115 LT: Posn 10:12.6N – 107:07.1E, Ho Chi Min City Outer anchorage, Vietnam.
Five robbers armed with knives in a small boat boarded a container ship at anchor. Duty crew raised alarm and crew mustered. Robbers stole ship’s stores and escaped.
18.08.2007: 0135 LT: Tuticorin anchorage, India.
Robbers boarded a container ship at anchor. They stole ship’s stores and escaped in a boat. Duty AB raised alarm and crew mustered. Coast guard informed.
13.08.2007: 0355 LT: Posn 03:55.5N – 098:46.5E, Belawan Outer roads, Indonesia.
Four robbers armed with wooden sticks boarded a chemical tanker at anchor. They broke into the forward locker and tried to steal ship’s stores. Duty crew raised the alarm and sounded ship’s whistle. Crew mustered and activated fire hoses. Robbers jumped overboard and escaped, in a waiting boat, with a life raft.
13.08.2007: 1915 LT: Posn 04:14.3N – 099:04.7E, Malacca Straits.
Ten pirates armed with fire arms boarded a tug towing a barge laden with steel billets.  The pirates damaged all communication equipments and stole crew personal belongings and ship’s documents. The master and chief engineer were kidnapped and taken ashore. The tug and barge have anchored at the destination port. The whereabouts of the master and chief engineer still unknown. Pirates have contacted owners to demand a ransom. Negotiations are underway.
13.08.2007: River Mooring No. 3, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Robbers, in country boats approached, a chemical tanker at anchor. The boats were noticed to go under the hull near the stern. The robbers were cutting off and stealing the zinc anodes. The incident was reported to the coast guard who sent a patrol boat. On seeing the patrol boats, the robbers left their boats and escaped. The coast guard seized the boat and boarded the ship for investigations.

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