Maritime Safety News Today

Ship carrying 27000 tons of scrap about to split in two off
International Herald Tribune – France
AP MADRID, Spain: A ship damaged in a collision off Gibraltar was expected to split in two and sink, sending its cargo of 27000 tons of scrap metal to the .

Coast Guard Spots Fuel Slick in Boat Search
MyFox Washington DC – Washington,DC,USA
Calvert County 911 received three broken cell phone calls at about 1:15 am The sketchy information indicated two people were aboard a vessel sinking fast in

Updated Approval Process for Structural Fire Protection

Posted 08/23/07 at 10:25 AM

Transport Canada, the Federal Government Department of Canada, now recognizes Type Approval Certificates for structural fire protection products on ships and offshore installations by Germanischer Lloyd.



From Safety At Sea International

Half a million for whistle-blowers

WASHINGTON, DC, 22 August – FOUR whistle-blowing crewmen have been rewarded a total of $500,000 as their employer and a fellow seafarer were sentenced in an oil-dumping case. Kassian Maritime Navigation has been sentenced, as previously agreed, to pay $1.3M in fines and fees after pleading guilty to oil-dumping related charges in a Florida federal court. Additionally, Second Assistant Engineer Spyridon Markou of the Maltese-flagged bulker North Princess (IMO 9123128) was fined $1,000 after pleading guilty to obstruction of justice. The formal pleas were entered on 16 August and the judge imposed the plea-bargained fines and fees on the Piraeus-based company and its employee. The plea agreement was struck in July and was based on a 20 November 2006 call at the port of Jacksonville, where an inspecting USCG team discovered evidence of unrecorded oil dumping – based on tips from four crewmen. The 70,164-dwt ship’s wiper and cook were each awarded $230,000, and two third engineers were each awarded $20,000 for tipping the inspectors. Under the plea deal, Kassian pleaded guilty to one count of violating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships – a law that allows for paying rewards to whistle-blowers of up to half the amount of the fine.

Denmark calls for action as hijacked ship freed

DENMARK is calling for more international co-operation to combat maritime piracy, after yesterday’s release of the hijacked cargo ship Danica White and its crew in Somalia.

Somali pirates free Danica White

THE Danish cargo ship Danica White and its five crew members, hijacked by Somali pirates three months ago, have been released after a reported $1.M ransom was paid.

Dean spreads destruction across Caribbean

PORTS from Hispaniola westward to the Cayman Islands are shut and evaluating damage today after suffering Hurricane Dean’s 230km/hr winds over the weekend.

HD Ferries licence withdrawn

THE Jersey ramp licence for the Channel Islands ferry company HD Ferries has been withdrawn over safety concerns.

Move to follow sunk sub survey

A SUNKEN First World War U-boat is to be moved from the Varne Sandbank in the Dover Strait following a survey by Trinity House because it is posing a navigation hazard.

Malaysia tackles seafarer shortage by e-learning

THE Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM) is launching a new e-learning programme with a view to helping redress the shortage of seafarers qualified to serve on LNG tankers.

Coasters capsize in Bangladesh monsoon

FOUR coasters have capsized in monsoon seas off Bangladesh over the weekend.

Final rules for e-pax manifests

US Customs & Border Protection has issued a final rule on electronic transmission of manifests on air and sea travellers arriving in or leaving from US ports.

Ships confirmed missing off Somalia

A KARACHI-based NGO is investigating the disappearance of two cargo vessels with seven Pakistanis among their crew in the Horn of Africa.

Indonesia adding ears on Strait

JAKARTA is significantly increasing navigational equipment for the Malacca Strait, largely aided by Japanese funding.

Barge turns turtle in whale waters

CLEAN-UP efforts continued today in British Columbia after a barge turned over in Robson Bight on Monday, dumping its cargo into an area frequented by killer whales.

US to increase Pacific presence

THE US has cited maritime threats including pirate attacks and terrorism in raising its naval profile in the Pacific.

Malacca pirates demand ransom

NEGOTIATIONS are under way after pirates raided a barge convoy in the Malacca Straits and have demanded a ransom for the kidnapped master and chief engineer.

MCA to help Bulgaria set up SAR resource

THE UK’s Maritime & Coastguard Agency is teaming up with Bulgaria in an EU-funded search and rescue programme in the Black Sea.

Bomb threat passenger banned

A LETTER bomb threat by a passenger intending to board a BC Ferry has resulted in the culprit being barred from travelling anywhere on the fleet for an indefinite period.

India mounts ISM checks

INDIA has tightened flag state and port state controls on foreign flag vessels visiting Indian ports and has started detaining ships for non-compliance of the ISM Code.

Curfew at Port Harcourt

THE government of Rivers State last Friday imposed a dusk-to-dawn (1900-0600) curfew until further notice because of continuing militant attacks.


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