Maritime Safety News Today

Maritime Global Net – Warren,RI,USA
According to the latest ICC International Maritime Bureau weekly report its crew maintained an anti piracy watch on the forecastle, main deck and poop deck.

Ship Collision Off Turkey Hurts 48
The collision occurred in the Sea of Marmara just 20 minutes after the ferry left Yenikapi for the island of Avsa, which is about 68 miles (110 kilometers) 

Talks seek to end Antwerp pilots strike Thirty cargo ships, including deep sea container vessels, were stranded outside the Port of Antwerp on Tuesday night.

Coast Guard verifies report of missing boat, 30 passengers – Philippines
He said the passengers were transferred to other vessels and ferried back to a Batangas port. The PCG has not received reports of injuries or fatalities.

Offshore Union Unite Calls For All Health And Safety Statistics To
Market Wire (press release) – USA
However, we can not lose sight of the fact that we have had eleven other fatalities in this reporting period”. Mr Tran added “In October last year we lost


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