Maritime Safety News Today, Aug 31 2007

2 ships collide in Haifa bay
Ynetnews – Israel
Haifa bay administration officials told Ynet the collision was cause by faulty piloting on the Greek ship’s part. The Greek passenger ship hit a medium

Ship Fined for Failure to Have Oil Spill Readiness Plan

Posted 08/30/07 at 10:03 AM

The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) has levied an $8,500 fine to the Greek shipping firm Marmaras Navigation Co. Ltd. for operating a cargo vessel in Washington waters without a state-approved oil spill readiness plan…

Filipino seafarer dies in ship mishap off South Africa – Philippines
But South African maritime authorities rescued nine Filipino seafarers and a Honduran ship captain when the vessel capsized Thursday last week,

Crane Collapses in Japanese Shipyard

The large crane killed three and injured four others when in collapsed Saturday morning at Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation’s plant in Kobe, Japan

New Oil Leaks From Sunken Tanker

The Don Pedro, which sank over 7 weeks ago, began leaking oil again over the weekend, threatening the beaches of Spain’s Balearic Island of Ibiza once more.

Malta and Libya Meet to Discuss SAR

The two countries met last week to discuss collaborating on migrant search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea.


From Safety At Sea

Alaska accident cause disputed

IMC Shipping has agreed to pay $10M in fines and fees over the grounding of the Selendang Ayu, but disagreement persists on the cause of the accident.

Luxury yacht in AHT rescue

THE Octopus, one of the world’s most luxurious motor yachts, found itself acting as a search and rescue vessel, saving seven seafarers, off South Africa yesterday.

Phils finds bomb on ferry

PHILIPPINES police agents arrested a suspected Abu Sayyaf terrorist group courier in Cebu port on Wednesday, carrying explosives on a ferry.

CT Pilot Pay Dispute Exposes Wider Flaws in Safety for Long Island Sound

Increase in pay will not solve problems alone, say industry experts.


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