Your Lifeboat Experiences

We’re preparing an in-depth report on lifeboats and their dangers and we’d like to hear about your experiences. All messages will remain confidential but anonymous emails will be set aside. In particular we’d like to know about the problems you’ve had with them, what the problems were, ie., on-load release, gripes, falls, difficulties with handling the boat, the type (twin fall, freefall etc) brand and model of lifeboat.

Your information may save lives.

You can email, post a message as a comment on this blog or, if you’re using the MACToolbar, click on the chat icon and type your message.


One Response to Your Lifeboat Experiences

  1. Jeroen de Haas says:

    I am working for a couple of years as a lifeboat inspector/ service engineer now. The main problem i encountered in the beginning, and warn my trainees over and over again for it: Never let a ships crew,
    or captain overrule your safety demands before entering the capsule! The technical part of the job is never the issue… Using skilled people etc.
    Crew is nervous, owner is pushing for certificate.
    I fully agree the on-load hooks need to be improved.
    But have more doubts about training, incl refreshing.

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