IMB Weekly Piracy Report

Recently reported incidents

29.08.2007: 0530 LT: 02:30S – 118:30E, Makassar Straits, Indonesia.
Three white, speedboats doing 17 kts, approached a bulk carrier underway, from the port and stbd side. The D/O raised the alarm, sounded the ship’s whistle and the crew mustered. Seeing the alert crew, the pirates aborted the attempt.
28.08.2007: 1030 LT: 06:06.9N – 098:30.7E, Malacca Straits.
Ten armed pirates, in a speedboat, attempted to board a container ship underway. Due to the ship’s higher speed, the pirates could not board and gave up the chase.
27.08.2007: Night Hrs: Kingston outer anchorage, Jamaica.
Robbers boarded a general cargo ship unnoticed. They broke into containers and storerooms and stole ship’s cargo and stores. They also entered the superstructure, mess-rooms and galley and stole ship’s property. Police came on board for investigations when the ship berthed.
27.07.2007: Waini river: Guyana.
Five robbers armed with guns boarded a fishing boat and robbed the crew of their catch of fish and ship’s stores. They took the crew, as hostage, to another fishing boat nearby and robbed the other boat’s crew of their catch, stores and cash. The robbers kept both the fishing boats’ crew in one boat and escaped in the other fishing boat.
23.08.2007: 2210 LT: Port Said / inner harbour, Egypt.
Robbers from five boats boarded a general cargo ship during mooring manoeuvres, despite attempts of the master and crew to prevent them. The robbers tried to force open and gain access into storerooms, cargo holds and the superstructure but failed as the doors were padlocked and secured. The three pilots on board, at the time, asked the master not to interrupt the mooring manoeuvres for safety reasons. Once the ship was safely moored, the crew started chasing the robbers out. The watchmen and police on board started to help only when the master told them they would not get any cigarettes unless they made sure that there were no robbers onboard. The pilots later apologised for the “business people”.
21.08.2007: 2200 LT: 14:35N-120:57E, Manila anchorage, Philippines.
Two robbers armed with long knives boarded a container ship via the anchor chain. The hawse pipe cover, which was installed and secured by three wing nuts, was removed, as there was a gap large enough for the intruder’s hand to reach through and remove the nuts. The intruders very quickly lifted the forward 6-person liferaft, threw it over the side, jumped into the water, and escaped using a small motorboat. No injury to crewmembers.

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