Maritime Safety News Today – 2 October 2007

Cruise Ship Island Star Evacuated Off Coast of France
Cruise Ship Report – Vero Beach,FL,USA
“He reassured all passengers that there was no danger of the ship sinking, but still people were anxious. . . “There was quite a lot of elderly people on

Eruption doesn’t disrupt Suez shipping Volcanic eruption on island off the coast of Yemen has not disrupted ocean shipping traffic that passes through the Suez Canal

Ship Captain Pleads Guilty

Posted 09/28/07 at 09:06 AM

Nicanor E. Jumalon pleaded guilty in federal court in Puerto Rico, for his involvement with the illegal dumping of oily sludge, bilge wastes, and oil contaminated ballast water from the 479-foot general cargo vessel the M/V Sportsqueen, the Justice Department announced…

Maritime Global Net – Warren,RI,USA
THE London P&I Club warns that the shipping industry should pay more attention to psychological disorders among seafarers. In the latest issue of its

Bogus certificates still a major problem
Gulf News – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
By Frank Kennedy, Special to Gulf News Following a case widely reported last week in the maritime press concerning seafarers’ fraudulent certificates,


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