Weekly Piracy Report – 1 October 2007

The following incidents have been reported by the International Maritime Bureau

Recently reported incidents

13.07.2007: 0320 LT: Santos anchorage, Brazil.
One boat with more than three persons onboard was sighted near an anchored container ship. Four robbers armed with guns and knives and wearing black masks boarded the ship and threatened the forward security watchman. During the incident, crewmembers were ordered inside accommodation while waiting for the arrival of the police.  The federal police boat arrived and circled the ship.  Due to the sea state, the police could not board the ship.  They were subsequently able to come on board and investigate the incident after the robbers escaped.  Ship’s property was stolen.
21.07.2007: 0245 LT: Santos anchorage, Brazil.
Two, crew on deck patrol onboard a container ship, at anchor, reported to the bridge, via radio, that they had sighted two robbers wearing ski masks and armed with automatic pistols.  The deck patrol radios were stolen but the crew were unharmed. Security message was broadcast and security procedures were followed. Both robbers fled in a small aluminium boat with an outboard engine, which had been seen earlier on the starboard side.  At least three other robbers were believed to be in the boat.  All crew mustered and then half of the crew, led by the SSO and the chief officer went forward to search for the deck patrol.  Six broken container seals were found on deck, one container had been unlatched and two containers appeared to have been opened. Incident reported to the Santos pilot station, CSO, superintendent, local agents and charterer.
11.07.2007: 1650 LT: Liverpool, United Kingdom.
The Second Officer onboard a bulk carrier saw two men coming up the gangway, dressed as stevedores.  When the duty officer asked to see their id, they replied that they did not have the ID but would go back and return with it.  Due to prior police warning about thieves operating in the area and being suspicious, the local police were informed.  The police caught one of the thieves who turned out to be on the wanted list of the police.
09.6.2006: 0400 LT: Lagos, Nigeria.
While berthed, robbers armed with guns and knives boarded a chemical tanker. The ship repeatedly tried to call Lagos pilot but did not receive any response.
One crewmember was injured and ship’s stores stolen.
12.03.2007: 0200 LT: 08:44.60N – 013:51.20W: 40 nm off Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Pirates armed with machine guns and knives boarded a tanker underway. They stole cash and valuables and escaped in their speedboat.  The master and officer on the bridge were unable to activate the SSAS as they were under close observation of the pirates.  No crewmembers were injured.  Incident reported to the coastal state authorities.
09.02.2007: 0230 LT: 06:15.00N – 003:15.00E, Lagos roads, Nigeria.
The bridge security guard on a tanker observed three robbers boarding on port side aft during bunkering operations.  They informed the officer on watch via a handheld radio and general alarm was raised.  Upon seeing the crew approach, two of the robbers jumped overboard and the third one hit the master on the face with a knife before jumping.
24.09.2007: 0145 LT: 06:36S – 039:35E, Dar es Salam, Tanzania.
While adrift, awaiting berth, a crewmember onboard a container ship noticed three robbers on the port side deck.  The alarm was sounded and the robbers disembarked into a small boat alongside the ship.  The bridge directed a search light towards the small boat and observed a 25 ft wooden boat with a blue strip, center console, and outboard engine slowly moving away. The boat had around 15 – 20 robbers onboard and a ladder.  The robbers were dressed only in shorts.  A search of the vessel found no other robbers onboard.  However, a container seal was broken and some of the cargo removed and left on deck.  In addition, a forward storeroom lock was found damaged.  The port authorities notified.
17.05.2007: 0036 LT: Mombassa port inner anchorage, Kenya.
The deck watchman noticed two containers open with broken seals on the forecastle, which he had not noticed during his first round. Both containers were re-sealed and additional watchmen were posted.  Security level increased to level 2.  Incident reported to port state control.
24.04.2007: 1930 LT: 03:56:60N – 098:45.70E, Belawan roads, Indonesia.
Duty watch onboard a container ship detected three robbers on the forecastle deck and warned the OOW.  The master raised the general alarm and the Second Officer started the fire pump.  The master tried to contact the local port control and pilot station VHF Ch. 16/12 but without success. Sound signal by whistle given.  Search by crew team indicated that the robbers had escaped.

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