Maritime Safety News Today – October 5 2007

33 killed, 48 missing in Nigeria boat crash – Wellington,New Zealand
a cargo vessel ferrying petroleum products, Aliyu said. He said the passenger boat burst into flames after the collision and was gutted by the fire.

France Offers to Protect WFP Ships from Pirates

France Offers to Protect WFP Ships from Pirates

The UN World Food Programme has accepted France’s offer to protect its ships from Somali pirates; PlanetData has compiled a timeline that represents maritime piracy incidents off the coast of Somalia.

Safety management blamed for hijack

A DANISH union says lax safety procedures led to three Danish seamen being taken hostage by Somali pirates, and is claiming $1.8M compensation from the ship’s owner.

Exercise accident mystery deepens

MARINE Atlantic denies that any problems with its lifeboat were responsible for 21 people being taken ill in last week’s mock-disaster exercise off Newfoundland.

Eight months for magic pipe master

CAPTAIN Nicanor E Jumalon of the Hong Kong-flagged Sportsqueen will spend eight months in prison for lying to the Coast Guard in an oil-dumping probe.

Trust your suspicions on piracy

REACTING to proposals that piracy monitors ignore reports of ‘suspicious craft’ because they distort the picture, IMB is counselling captains to keep on reporting.

Emissions battle hots up after leak

THE battle over ship emissions widened today after a report to the IMO was leaked to The Times newspaper in London.

Great Bridge Bypass Struck by Barge

Posted 10/04/07 at 08:18 AM

One lane of the VA-168 Great Bridge Bypass was closed recently after a barge hit it. Investigators indicated that Public Works personnel received a call that something had hit the bypass hours after the barge and crane had actually hit it..

Ferry safety upgrades 50 years late

OLYMPIA 04 October – Washington State Ferry System has four vessels in service that one public policy research group believes are “a disaster waiting to happen”. In a statement the president of Olympia-based Evergreen Freedom Foundation, Bob Williams, said (02 October 2007) the system’s four 80-year-old single hull steel ferries are operating even though, in 1956, the federal government mandated that all ferries have two compartments. Williams said that, at the time, the four vessels were given a waiver that was intended to remain in place until the ferries were either retired or given a major conversion. However, even though there have been several major refurbishments over the years the ferries have never been reconfigured to meet the two-compartment standard. “It is more than 50 years since the federal standards were implemented,” he said. “You’d think we might have caught up to them by now.”

Port workers, crew exposed to ship’s asbestos in Townsville
ABC Online – Australia
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority is investigating an asbestos scare involving waterside workers in north Queensland. The Maritime Union of Australia

DLNR Warns Of Submerged Hazard
By NewsEngine
What remains is a portion of the vessel’s keel approximately 100 yards offshore that is wedged in the reef. A marine salvage company hired by DLNR could not remove the keel today due to rising surf. (more…)


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