Give Us A Wave!!!

 You won’t many of these to the pound. Long thought to be just a seafarers myth, rogue waves of 20 metres, and sometimes much more are now being seriously studied and know to be much more frequent than once thought, that’s to radar imagery from the European Space Agency.

It’s hardly surprising that as many as 200 ships have been sunk over the past 20 years by these watery behemoths.

Read Karsten Petersen’s account of the wave that nearly tore the chemcial tanker Stolt Surf apart. A wave that he had to look UP at from a deck already 22 metres above waterline.

Such a wave broke windows on the 10th Deck of the 92,250 gross tonnes cruise ship Norwegian Dawn in April 2005 and the bridge on the 6,753 Bremen in 2001.

Something similar took a whole chunk out of the bow of the Norwegian tanker Wilstar:

And here’s another arer photo from the Bay of Biscay:

In 1995 The QE2 met a 29 metre wave in the North Atlantic, around 50 years after the Queen Mary was almost capsized by a rogue wave.

And here’s a wave that swept across the super tanker Esso Languedoc in 1980.

Freak wave   © Philippe Lijour

These are not always triggerd by a storm, and shouldn’t be confused with tsunami waves. These monsters can come out of nowhere.

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