Weekly Piracy Report

Recently reported incidents

03.10.2007: 0300 UTC: Conakry anchorage, Guinea.Duty crew on an anchored bulk carrier, noticed two robbers stealing ship stores on the forecastle. Alarm raised and ships whistle sounded. The crew mustered and directed the ships search lights towards the robbers. The robbers escaped. Ships in the vicinity were informed. All calls to port authorities were futile.
07.10.2007: 0210 LT: 01:14.2N – 104:59.3E, Off Bintan islands, Indonesia.Pirates in a small speedboat approached a bulk carrier underway. The master altered course to avoid the boat however, the boat continued to approach the ship. Alarm raised, ship whistle sounded and crew. Mustered seeing the alert crew the boat aborted the attempt and moved away. Singapore port control informed.
04.10.2007: 0640 UTC: 25:22N – 058:05E, Off Iran coast, Gulf of Oman.Nine pirates armed with guns, wearing masks in three high-speed crafts approached a bulk carrier underway. Master raised alarm and crew mustered on ford and aft stations. Anti piracy, measures implemented. After around two hours of chasing the ship, the pirates aborted the attempt.
01.10.2007: 2230 LT: Callao anchorage no.1, Peru.Duty crew spotted three robbers near the forecastle, on a general cargo ship at anchor. OOW raised the alarm. Ship’s whistle sounded and crew rushed to forward. On seeing the crew, robbers jumped overboard and escaped in a waiting boat. Crew searched the area and found some ship stores missing.
30.09.2007: 0530 LT: 06:46.4S-039:20.9E, Dar es Salaam anchorage, Tanzania.During routine anti piracy rounds, the aft duty AB discovered the forward AB tied up near the bunker station. He informed the duty officer who raised the alarm and mustered the crew. The crew noticed that two containers had been broken into and some ships stores missing. The released AB said that during his rounds on the main deck, two robbers armed with knives attacked him and tied him up. He said that he had noticed six robbers all wearing only shorts. Port Authorities informed.
29.09.2007: 1458 UTC: 13:52N – 050:35E, Gulf of AdenA vessel underway, noticed on radar only an unlit suspicious craft at a distance of 7.2 nm. The master altered course and increased speed. The craft altered course to continue following the ship. The master alerted the crew, and took anti-piracy measures. Crew directed searchlights in the direction of the boat. At 1546 UTC craft altered course and stopped following the ship.

For more information check the IMB piracy centre.


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