Watch where you bolt your furniture!

The Nautical Institute’s Facebook group tells this tail from the NI’s MARS confidential reporting system:

“The crew of a recently completed vessel moved a settee in the smokeroom to allow for a better seating arrangement. In doing so, a strong smell of diesel oil was observed. On further investigation, it became apparent that in order to secure the settee to the deck, the shipyard workers had drilled and tapped a bolt right through the deck of the smokeroom into the port medium diesel oil (MDO) storage tank directly below. Removal of the settee had allowed the smokeroom to become a common space with the MDO storage tank. The consequences of ignition of diesel vapour within the confines of the smokeroom, with its obvious heat sources, are too horrible to imagine. ”

 Reminds me of that old musical joke: “Do you mind if I Smoke?” – “I give a damn if you burst into flames”


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