Weekly Piracy Report

The International Maritime Bureau has released the following reports:

Recently reported incidents

10.10.2007: 2202 LT: Bonny Island anchorage, Nigeria.
Three robbers armed with long knives boarded a product tanker at anchor.
They seized AB on routine anti piracy rounds and tied him up.  However,
Before the robbers tied up the bosun, he managed to alert the others on the walkie-talkie.  Alarm raised and crew mustered.  Port authorities contacted but no response.  Robbers escaped.
12.10.2007: 0225 LT: 29:52.0N – 048:41.4E. Off Al Faw, Iraq.
Four pirates, in a seven-meter long craft, came alongside a container ship at anchor. Two pirates armed with guns boarded the ship. Duty AB noticed them and informed the 2/O who raised the alarm; sounded ship’s whistle and switched off lights for a moment. This action distracted the pirates and they escaped in their boat in ESE direction. Coalition war ship informed via VHF.
12.10.2007: TSP jetty, Chittagong port, Bangladesh.
Five robbers boarded a general cargo ship from the stern. They stabbed the duty watchman and stole ship’s stores. D/o raised alarm and robbers escaped. Port control and coast guard informed.
10.10.2007:0130 LT 17:03.5N-082:27.7E, Kakinada anchorage, India.
Three robbers boarded a bulk carrier via the stern using, grappling hooks. Duty AB spotted them and informed the OOW. Alarm raised and crew mustered. Robbers stole ship’s stores and escaped.  Port authorities informed. No damage to ship and no injuries to crew.

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