Maritime Safety News Today – 19th October 2007


Captain missing in Greek cargo ship collision
Trading Markets (press release) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
It was the second maritime accident near Thessaloniki in less than a week. Last Friday, a Greek ferry collided with a fishing boat 23 km off the coast.

Canadian ferry crews warned against smoking pot
Reuters Canada – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
One hundred and one passengers and crew were forced to abandon the sinking vessel and were rescued by residents of the isolated community of Hartley Bay. 

MT Efunya sinks at Lagos port
Vanguard – Apapa,Lagos,Nigeria
He stated that the solution to further halt any vessel from sinking is to remove the vessels around the sunken vessel as soon as possible to a safe place. 

Ship’s Chief Engineer Convicted in Vessel Pollution Case

Posted 10/18/07 at 07:08 AM

Mark Humphries, the chief engineer of the M/V Tanabata, an American-flagged car-carrier ship based in Baltimore, was convicted by a jury on one count of conspiracy and two counts of making false statements, announced Ronald J. Admiral wants new safety standards – Portland,ME,USA
that requiring competency among pilots and requiring boats to undergo periodic safety checks would go a long way to providing for maritime safety.

Liverpool: service for victims of modern slavery
Independent Catholic News – London,UK
Among those taking part in the service will be representatives from Asylum Link Merseyside, Christian Aid, the Mersey Mission to Seafarers and Apostleship


From Safety At Sea

Fatal dhow master appeals jail term

MANAMA, BAHRAIN 16 October – Abdulla Al Kobaisi, owner of the ill-fated dhow Al Dhana, is appealing against his ten-year jail sentence for his part in the deaths of 58 people. Bahrain’s Gulf Daily News reports that Al Kobaisi was convicted of manslaughter in May this year following the capsize of the Al Dhana, a pleasure craft carrying employees celebrating completion of part of a construction project, in shallow waters off the Bahraini coast. Al Kobaisi’s lawyer has asked the Bahraini High Criminal Court to throw out his conviction on the grounds that the tour operator Island Tours was responsible. He claimed that the dhow was carrying too many passengers – 150 instead of 100 – and that the rental deal between himself and Island Tours provided that two small boats should accommodate extra passengers. He also claimed that the Bahraini Coastguard took too long to arrive – about 30 to 40 minutes. However, a spokesman for the US 5th Fleet has previously told the BBC that US naval personnel reached the site within 15 to 20 minutes. The defence has also argued that Al Kobaisi’s craft carried all the appropriate licences and permits and was not in breach of any law. The defence added that the investigation found 11 reasons for the tragedy, none of which were connected to Al Kobaisi, who is currently free on bail pending the conclusion of the appeal. Captain Rajendra Kumar Ramjibhai, master of the dhow, was also convicted of manslaughter and is appealing his sentence on the grounds that his interpreter did not take the correct oath.

Fifth ferry victim’s body recovered

A FIFTH body from the ill-fated Seagull Express ‘came ashore’ at lunchtime today, amidst mounting rancour in Malaysia.

One dead in Mexican vessel fire

AT least one person is dead and two are missing after a fire yesterday in the engine room of the Mexican-flagged crew vessel Seba’an


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