Human Element sinks 23 ships

The Press Trust of India report:  As many as 25 ships have sunk in the Arabian Sea in the last three years due to rough weather coupled with negligence of seafarers, a top shipping official has said.

“Data for the last three years on shipping casualties in the Arabian sea have been analysed in depth which shows 23 ships sank due to serious technical and human failure aboard such ships,” Nautical Surveyor-cum-Deputy Director General of Shipping (Technical) Captain Deepak Kapoor has said in a reply under the Right to Information Act.

The response came in the wake of an application filed by a Mumbai resident– Attar Azeemi who wanted to know the reason behind the sinking of five merchant vessels during monsoons this year.

“The factors and primary cause of these accidents have been–very severe weather conditions during the monsoon period, the negligence on part of the Indian seafarers in exercising due care and displaying their professional skills in discharging their duties,” Kapoor said.

In addition to this, poor maintenance of the vessels by the owners along with various other factors like slips, lapses, mistakes, fatigue, defect in design of ships, which have contributed towards sinking ships, he added. PTI


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