Maritime Safety News Today – 22 November 2007

Australian Navy Saves 16 in Boat Rescue
The Associated Press –
a sinking Indonesian ferry and attempted to take them to Australia. Prime Minister John Howard refused to allow the ship to dock on Australian soil,

Danish authorities criticize captain of ship hijacked off Somalia
International Herald Tribune – France
AP COPENHAGEN, Denmark: The Danish Maritime Authority on Wednesday partly blamed the captain of a cargo ship for a hijacking off Somalia, saying he did not

Piracy prompts pleas for naval vessels
Independent Online – Cape Town,South Africa
In 2005 the WFP temporarily suspended maritime aid after two pirate attacks on its ships. Earlier Monday, a Kenyan maritime officials said Somali pirates on

Owners of Hijacked Golden Nori in Ransom Talks

The ransom may be as high as the $1.5 million demanded for the Danica White in August; one crew member escaped and swam to safety.


Flags of convenience leave some mariners stranded
Logistics Management – Newton,MA,USA
“This means that the bulk of our work is taking care of the basic needs of seafarers,” said Lindgren. “When they arrive at our center, they are free to use 



Boat ‘was not sinking‘ says WA company
The West Australian – Perth,Western Australia,Australia
No lifejackets were observed on the vessel. Efforts by crew members from Ararat to assist were complicated by the over-crowding and instability of the


Old ferries pulled from service; Keystone-Port Townsend run closed
HeraldNet – Everett,WA,USA
Inspections by crews assigned to the vessel turned up extensive corrosion pitting the Quinault’s hull plates. The seriousness of the problem became clear


ANYTHING BUT: An Act Relative to Port Security

A proposed bill (S.1349) threatens to squeeze the life out of the port of Boston. Another (S.515) hopes to ensure safe marine operations for years to come. Which will succeed?



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