The MAC Top Ten

MAC Podcast Top Ten

Here, in order are the current Top Ten rankings for MAC Podcasts

1. The Case Of The Baffling Bays (Grounding under pilotage)
2. The Case Of The Errant Hookers (Sinking,anchoring in typhoons)
3. The Case Of The Killer Catch (Lifeboat accident, on-load release)                                         4. The Case Of The Bosun’s Crush (Fatality involving crane)
5. The Case of The Deadly Saviour (Lifeboat, on-load release)
6. The Case Of The Cozy Captain (Fatigue, pirate software)
7. The Case Of The Wandering Monarch (Grounding, navigation)
8. The Case Of The Seductive Sim (Grounding, navigation)
9. The Case Of The Silent Assassin (Fatalities, enclosed space)
10. The Case Of The Lethal Lampshade (Fatalities, explosion,                                                        enclosed space)


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