Weekly Piracy Report

The following reports have been distributed by the International Maritime Bureau

Suspicious crafts

Recently reported incidents

19.11.2007: 0100 LT: 03:13.0N -105:23.0E: Off Mangkai Island, Indonesia
Duty oiler on board a chemical tanker, underway, noticed one pirate with gun in hand on the poop deck. Duty officer informed. Alarm raised. All crew mustered and all lights switched on. Search of the vessel revealed no one onboard. Duty officer noticed an unlit craft moving away from the vessel.
17.11.2007: 0550 LT: Gulf of Aden.
A vehicle carrier underway spotted three suspicious boats on the stbd side and one on the port side, at a distance of 0.4nm. Master took all necessary preventive measures and the suspicious boats moved away later.
12.11.2007: 2330 LT: 20:05.3N – 064:49.1E: Arabian Sea.
A reefer underway detected a small boat on radar at a range of 4nm approaching from the stbd bow at 0.3 nm the craft paralleled course with the vessel. Alarm raised, lights switched on. After 15 minutes, small boat started moving away from vessel.

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