Maritime Alerts – MSF

The Marine Safety Forum has issued the following Safety Flashes
Subject: Fouled Propeller
An Offshore Support Vessel manoeuvring in Aberdeen Harbour fouled a propeller with a large tyre causing the vessel considerable expense and delay.

Aberdeen Harbour Hydrographic Department is equipped with sophisticated scanning
equipment which can detect lost items on the seabed and these can be recovered, thus
eliminating the risk of them becoming fouled in a ship’s propellers or thrusters. Each berth is surveyed every three months and suspicious objects are investigated.

Masters are required to advise Aberdeen VTS if a tyre fender or other equipment is lost.

Recent items found by scanning equipment and recovered include:
Tyre fenders
Fully rigged gangway
Wire warps (240m length)
Shopping trolley
Scaffolding tubes
Aluminium ladder
Broken windlass brake band
Bulk hose with connections

Subject: Harbour Diving Operations
Recently, diving operations on a vessel in Aberdeen Harbour were stopped when it was
discovered that the dive team was operating within the harbour at a standard below the HSE Diving at Work Regulations and without a Permit to Dive. A copy of the Aberdeen Harbour Board Diving Permit is available at

Masters, owners and diving companies are reminded that Aberdeen Harbour Board
requires diving teams to be approved by the Harbour Board to a standard recommended by Port Skills and Safety Ltd (PSSL) at

The following is required prior to diving:
1. A dive permit to be issued prior to commencement of work
2. The master must inform VTS before the diver enters the water
Dive permits must be cancelled on completion of dive.


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