Maritime Safety News Today – 5th December 2007

US ships block supplies to hijacked Japanese tanker
of the crew and the vessel continues to be a priority and we are committed to countering and deterring piracy in order to build a lawful maritime order.

2 missing after fishing boat sinks in South China Sea
Xinhua – China
The maritime affairs bureau sent a rescue vessel and a helicopter to the site on Monday morning to search for the missing. The search was continuing on 

Sen. Boxer Releases Bills Aimed at Preventing Spills

Posted 12/04/07 at 09:59 AM

Sen. Barbara Boxer has released two bills in Washington aimed at preventing future oil spills like the one in the San Francisco bay last month. One of the bills would give more authority to the U.S. Coast Guard to control ships entering and exiting ports during emergency or hazardous conditions..

Northwest Dungeness crab: The deadliest catch
Seattle Times – United States
The checks were supplemented by vessel inspections that the state of Alaska now requires for participation in the Bering Sea harvests. Fatalities among 

Gladstone carrier to be stuck in the mud for a while
Brisbane Times – Brisbane,Queensland,Australia
would likely wait until higher tides later this week before trying again to break the ”seal” the vessel’s hull had created during its grounding.

Barge stuck on the reef near Hagatna – Dededo,GU,USA
The vessel, identified as the Tamara 5, is associated with the tugboat June T., which has been working on sewage system repair linked to the Hagatna Waste

Maritime Global Net – Warren,RI,USA
The EC says: “In acknowledgement of the growing hardship affecting seafarers in many Member States since the 1980s, this directive for the first time ..

Casino Captains caught on the rocks

December 3, 2007

Indiana’s gambling fleet no longer leaves the docks, leaving captains who are more managers than seafarers.

This summer, the crew of Horseshoe Casino will weigh anchor, fire up their 3,000-horsepower diesel engines, and cast off on its maiden voyage. It will also likely be the casino boat’s longest trip. And it’s last.


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