IASST Meeting 2008

53rd International MeetingThe next IASST International Meeting will be held in Faroe Island hosted by Seasafe, Klaksvik, Faroe Isl.  More information will be available soon on its web page.

The International Association for Safety and Survival Training was founded in 1980 by a group of major safety training providers whose aim was to enhance the quality of emergency response training by encouraging an interchange of knowledge and experience between training providers on a global basis. Since those early days, the membership has expanded dramatically into a truly international organisation with worldwide representation.

Within the Association there is a wide variety of expertise, which encompasses universities, nautical colleges and scientific institutions, as well as both privately and publicly owned safety training schools, professional organisations and manufacturers of all types of safety equipment.

The majority of the members are drawn from the nautical profession; including shipmasters, deck and engineering officers, marine pilots and coastguards, as well as staff from rescue
co-ordination centres. In addition, there is also representation from firefighting, medical, aviation and offshore oil occupations.

Many of these people are now involved as lecturers and instructors at establishments that provide safety training for seafarers, offshore oil workers and aircrew.


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