MAC Top Ten – Update

 Here’s the latest Top Ten MAC podcasts, which you’ll find on the home/podcast page.

The top five placed remain unchnged with The Case Of The Baffling Bays well out front, possibly with the assistance of John Cota and the Cosco Busan in November. Wandering Monarch has moved up from seventh place into sixth place sharing with Cozy Captain. While those two are battling out, Lethal Lampshade seems to be coming up fast, from 10 to 7, leaping over Seductive Sim and Silent Assassin, which remain unchanged at 8 and 9 respectively.

A new entrants is Confused Pilot at number ten – and, no, that’s not a comment of British PM Gordon Brown. Mt guess is that Confused Pilot will move up over the next couple of weeks but it remains to be seen whether it’ll be a race for Number One.

1. The Case Of The Baffling Bays – grounding under pilotage – 0
2. The Case Of The Errant Hookers – sinking/anchoring in storm – 0
3. The Case Of The Killer Catch – lifeboat, onload release failure – 0
4. The Case Of The Bosun’s Crush – fatality, gantry crane – 0
5. The Case Of The Deadly Saviour – lifeboat fatality, onload release failure – 0
6. The Case Of The Cozy Captain – grounding, single watchkeeping, fatigue – (0)
6. The Case Of The Wandering Monarch – grounding, electronic navigation – (+1)
7. The Case Of The Lethal Lampshade – explosion, enclosed space – (+3)
8. The Case Of The Seductive Sim – grounding, navigation, cellphone – (-0)
9. The Case Of The Silent Assassin – fatalities, enclosed space – (0)
10. The Case Of The Confused Pilot – grounding under pilotage – (New entry)


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