My Name Is Sue (Everyone)

Was that the sound of tongue approaching cheek when Dennis Bryant, who edits the Holland + Knight Law legal newsletter, wrote a nicely succinct headline in its latest issue:

San Francisco sues everyone re oil spill

The story goes thusly:

The Office of the City Attorney issued a press release stating that it filed suit under state law against parties allegedly responsible for the November 7 oil spill in San Francisco Bay.  In addition to financial compensation, the suit seeks an injunction requiring defendants to implement a plan to assess, monitor, and remediate all damages caused by the spill.  Defendants include the owner, operator, manager, pilot, and John Does 1-100. (12/10/07).”

The thought of 100 John Does does something for the imagination. Are protesters going to march around the courthouse with “Joe Doe Is Innocent” placards?


One Response to My Name Is Sue (Everyone)

  1. Fred Fry says:

    Ah, my imagination has any number of people counter suing simply because they are somehow linked to the movement of this vessel. Take the crew, employees of the corporations being sued, tug captains and crews, line handlers, longshoremen, chandlers, and anyone else who laid eyes on that ship while it was in port.

    Now since they have decided to sue these people, how about some of them claiming to the DOES. I’m ‘DOE 57’. After all, your being sued. You just have not been named yet. Thank again, those most likely to be named can probably push to get the case against them thrown out once named claiming that the City always knew they were one of the DOES and lied when they filed the suit.

    I’m no lawyer, but I bet, there is no end of fun that can be had with this insanity.

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