The 0.1 per cent Killer

Domestos, a British brand of disinfectant, used to boast “kills 99 per cent of all known germs”, to which some wag added “It’s the 1 per cent that kills you”. I was reminded of it when Icame across a particularly thoughtful slide in a powerpoint presentation by Fred Robertie, President and CEO of American Hull given at a recent IUMI conference. Being 99.9 per cent error free sounds good, doesn’t it? Until you realise:

“Being 99.9% Error Free …

1 hour of unsafe drinking water every month

2 unsafe plane landings per day at a NY area Airport

500 incorrect surgical operations each week

12 newborns given to the wrong parents daily

18,322 mishandled pieces of mail each hour

291 pacemaker operations performed incorrectly”

Forget the 1 per cent, it’s the 0.1 per cent that’s a killer.


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