Weekly Piracy Report

The following incident have been reported by the International Maritime Bureau:

28.12.2007: 0100 UTC: 06:20N-003:20E: Lagos anchorage, Nigeria.
Armed robbers boarded a chemical tanker during STS operations. Due to crew involved in cargo operations, anti piracy watches maintained with one crew ford and one aft. The robbers held the aft, anti piracy watch keeper at knifepoint and severely beat him. His hands and legs were tied up. Robbers stole ship’s stores and euipment and escaped in a waiting boat. Injured crew received first aid treatment onboard. Attempts to contact port control local agents for help were futile.
25.12.2007: 0715 UTC: 01:09.1S-117:13.7E: Samarinda anchorage, Indonesia.
Duty crew, onboard a bulk carrier at anchor, noticed robbers on the poop deck. As he shouted to alert the other crew, robbers who had hidden behind the winches attacked him with iron pipes. Realising that all crew had been alerted, the robbers jumped overboard and escaped. Nothing stolen

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