Article/Program Of Note: The Ship Whispers

John Candillon-Baker of Pilot Mag tells us: ”
I thought that your readers may be interested in an article in the UK Times newspaper very well written by British journalist Libby Purves. The article can be viewed at the following link

I, along with another London pilot, was interviewed by Libby for a programme about pilots to be broadcast on Monday 7th at 1100 on BBC Radio 4. I will post the link to that programme once it is (hopefully) posted on their website in the “listen again” section.”

It’s certainly one worth looking at, here’s a taste:

“Britain’s narrow seas and sluicing tides have always challenged ships; never more than today, as the vessels grow more unwieldy. Yet the pilots who safely bring them in and out go largely unsung. The grounding of the outbound container ship Cortesia yesterday, mere hours after dropping her Thames pilot, brought home yet again the skills and dangers. For me, it added an edge to a journey through the pilots’ world that I began, many months ago, for Radio 4….”


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