Maritime Safety News Today – 8th January 2008

Fishermen missing after boat collision

Seven Chinese fishermen are missing after a cargo ship rammed into the side of their transport vessel and snapped it in half just off Taiwan’s northern coast, a Council of Agriculture official said yesterday. The “Pacific No.

Relatives of Bulgarian sailors want to know more about safety of

Focus News – Sofia,Bulgaria
In the seaside city of Burgas the relatives of the Bulgarian sailors from the Vanessa ship have met with officials with the Executive Agency “Maritime

Widow Of Tragic Tugboat Skipper On Her Devastating Loss

Glasgow Sunday Mail – UK
Police and the Maritime Accident Investigation Branch are carrying out a joint probe. The salvage operation began on the Clyde yesterday.

South Korea to ban single-hulled tankers after spill

Reuters UK – UK

The very large crude carrier (VLCC) Hebei Spirit was about five miles outside a South Korean port on December 7, waiting to unload its cargo of some 260000

Mexico’s three main oil export ports reopen after stormy seas forced closure

Cargo vessel accidentally kills shark

Mars W. Mosqueda Jr.

CEBU CITY — An international cargo vessel had killed a 7.5-meter whale shark by accident after it was pinned to death on the ice-breaker of the ship while cruising at sea.
The dead whale shark was discovered by porters as the cargo vessel Elena docked on Sunday at the Cebu International Port from Singapore.

Singapore – fire safety inspections

The Singapore Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) issued a circular stating that, beginning 14 January, it will be conducting fire safety inspections of harbor craft.  These examinations, which include identification of fire hazards and inspection of deck fire-fighting arrangements and fire detection and extinguishing systems, are timely for all vessels, not just harbor craft in Singapore.  Port Marine Circular No. 2 of 2008 (1/4/08).

Clean-up focus turns to shipping industry

Often steaming in international waters far from land, the world’s fleet of ocean-going ships has largely evaded scrutiny as a source of harmful air pollution and global warming emissions.

Bill amending vessel registration fails to address shipping issues

Marianas Variety – Saipan,Northern Mariana Islands,Micronesia
Thomas Patris, Chairman of the House committee on maritime and fisheries, Besebes said comments on HB No. 7-185-12 were developed by the Chief of the


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