Ice Campaign 2008

Ukraine – Ice Campaign 2008Ice Campaign 2008 has been announced at several Ukrainian ports including Kherson, Nikolayev, Kerch, Mariupol and Berdyansk.

  • At present ice is about 25 cm thick in Nikolyev ports.
  • In Kherson, ice-fields 20 cm thick, as well as up to 20 cm in the approaching channel with occasional ice-hammocks up to 40 cm thick.
  • In the channel approaching Mariupol and Berdyansk ice-fields of 30-40 cm thickness have been observed with 60 cm of ice-brash underneath. In Mariupol port ice is 20-30 cm thick and brash ice is also present.

Passage is performed only by convoys of 4 ships with the help of ice-breakers (three in Nikolayev, one in Kherson and one in Mariupol) subject to the permission of the Chief of the Ice Campaign (application for the passage in convoy is filed with the Harbour Master and the Pilots Station via ship’s agents).

In the event that a ship does not have ice-class, a letter of guarantee is required from the owner in confirmation that the passage in ice conditions is at their own risk and responsibility and that should any damage be caused to the vessel, due to lack of ice-class, it will be for the owner’s account.


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