Weekly Piracy Report

The latest piracy alerts from the International Maritime Bureau 

Violent attacks carried out by pirates on board vessels at anchor and vessel carrying out STS operations. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution in these waters.

Suspicious crafts

Recently reported incidents

08.01.2008: 0055 LT: Tema anchorage, Ghana.
Three robbers, armed with knives, boarded a chemical tanker via the forecastle. Duty A/B spotted the robbers who tried to catch him. Luckily, the A/B managed to escape. D/O raised the alarm, crew mustered and searched the area. It was found that the robbers had unscrewed all the butterfly nuts of the forecastle hatch. However, as the hatch was locked from inside the robbers could not enter the store. Nothing was stolen. Port control informed.
10.01.2008: 2155 LT: 01:05.6N-103:34.5E: Phillip Channel, Singapore Straits.
At a distance of one nm, a small craft, with its searchlight on, started impeding the safe passage of a tanker underway. The vessel altered course to manoeuvre clear of the craft.  At the same time, the crew noticed another, unlit, small craft near midships on the portside. The tanker enforced preventive measures and informed Singapore VTIS, who broadcast a security message to all ships in the area.  A navy patrol boat arrived on the scene and patrolled the area.  VTIS assured the tanker master that his vessel was being monitored continuously
07.01.2008: 0235 LT: No. 5, Beira, Mozambique.
Duty seaman onboard a, berthed, chemical tanker noticed one robber on the forecastle deck.  Duty officer informed, and crew alerted. When confronted, robber threatened the duty seaman with a knife. Noticing the alert crew the robber jumped into the water and escaped.  Ship stores stolen. Port facility informed.
05.01.2008: 0556 LT: 16:59.8N – 082:26.7E, Kakinada roads, India.
Seven robbers in a, 12 meter long, open boat approached a chemical tanker at anchor. One robber boarded the tanker using a grappling hook and rope via the poop deck. Duty A/B challenged him and informed OOW. Alarm raised and crew mustered. The robber climbed back into the waiting boat. Ship’s property and stores stolen.

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