Software For Seafarers

Not strictly safety-related but the mobile software I work with might be helpful to seafarers who want to do their thing onboard or ashore. The suite is called the Portable Apps suite, and includes email, the firefox browser, a couple of good processors and basically most of the things you need on the move if you don’t want to carry a laptop.

All you need is a storage device with a USB connection, it could be a thumb drive, a portable hard disk, even a cellphone. Plug it in  to any computer, onboard or at an internet cafe overseas, and you’re good to go .

And its free. When you get home just copy the whole directory to your own computer and you have all the stuff safe and sound.

Check it out here.


3 Responses to Software For Seafarers

  1. It’s on my 4g Sony mini drive, along with a briefcase of all my files. I keep it on my key ring. It’s gone through the washer several times with no ill effects.

    Open Office is a great suite.

  2. Bob Couttie says:

    I used to use it on my Motorola cellphone, worked like a dream.

  3. gcaptain says:

    Santa got my an amazing Christmas Present… an iPhone. Works great for much on our daily needs!

    The Portable Apps suite you mention is a different beast but is also part of travel “arsenal” and a must have for people using multiple computers.

    Good stuff!

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