We counted ’em out, and we counted some of them back

 While carrying out research for a client we came across some interesting statistics for the Philippines domestic passenger trade.

In the first quarter of 2007 some 4,724,539 people embarked on ships such as ferries at the countries ports and 4,608,495 got off.

In nthe second quarter, the last figures available, some 7,297,246 people got on ships, some 7,093,496 got off.

The 2006 figure are:

Passenger Traffic (in millions) ———————— 42.56
Disembarked ———————— 21.25
Embarked —————————- 21.30

So, 50,000 people didn’t get off the ships in 2006,  and 319,794 didn’t get off the ships in the first half of 2007.

Were they air-lifted off mid-ocean? abducted by aliens? Dropped to the bottom in concrete boots? Or are we seeing the resurgence of a whole sea-based culture that never sets foot on land, like the Badjao or Tau-Laut?


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