Putting The Arm On Class

A correspondent on one of the fora I inhabit made this quite disturbing claim:

“Once more the EU is targeting the wrong problem as the classes are facing a much bigger threat that is menacing the fundamentals of their functioning.

While inspecting almost 30 ships a month I have on many opportunities to meet the class surveyors, and I complain now and then about the poor survey work carried out by their colleagues in some Far East shipyards.

What they answer is quite alarming.

Surveyors from different IACS classes told me that their inspectors in those shipyards are under severe pressure to provide a certificate even when it is not conform to the state of the ship.

Intimidation goes from trifle administrative harassment to more severe actions such as the destruction of their car and attempts to kill them in some accidents when they refuse to deliver the paper.

No wonder foreign surveyors are now reluctant to be sent there, and the local surveyors are even under more pressure to approve anything the shipyards want.”

If substantiated, this is a very worrying development. If anyone has information to share we’d certainly like to here about it, of necessary on the confidential@maritimeaccident.org email system.


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