Beware Bouncing Bollards

The last thing you want is a few kilos of cast iron bouncing off your skull, so take note of this safety flash from the Marine Safety Forum:

While alongside Peterhead South base, a vessel deployed an extra line due to concerns
over swell. The breast line was rigged in the form of a 2-fold purchase going from ship to
quay twice. This gave the rope a resultant breaking strain of 4 to 1.

The shortness of the line allowed no elasticity and as a shock load came onto the line due
to the vessel rolling, the bollard casting split in half catapulting the horn section over the
barrier onto the main deck. The impact on the deck broke two deck timbers. It then
bounced and hit the offside safe haven bulkhead and finally came to rest a further 10-15
metres down the deck. During this time, there was a member of the vessel’s crew
standing on the deck.

Hazards Identified:

• High potential for serious injury/fatality
• Damage to equipment

Actions Taken:
• Risk assess the weak link in systems (by doubling up the line, the bollard
became the weak link)

• Carefully assess mooring systems, in particular the deployment of breast lines
on short nips

• Vessel crew to ensure that the vessel is moored safely and continuous checks
carried out


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