IASST Meeting

53rd IASST International Meeting
The IASST 53rd International Meeting will be held in Faroe Islands on April 26th and Safety seminar will take place on the 28th April.  The Faroe Islands is not big Islands with a population of just over 48,000 but with a culture and landscape unlike anywhere else you will visit.
The Faroe Islands are situated in the middle of the Northeast Atlantic, or to be specific at 67°N and 07° W. This means the weather is notoriously changeable. In April you can experience virtually all seasons in a single day – from bright sunshine to blizzards, not to mention a little wind and rain, with temperatures anywhere between 5° and 12° C. Flights can be made either from Copenhagen, Denmark or through Reykjavik, Iceland. 
The Safety seminar, which will take place in the Nordic House, is entitled  “Fatigue” and features the following presentations:

1. Steven Callahan (USA), author of the award-winning book  ”Adrift – 76 Days Lost at Sea”, which tells of his own experiences in 1982
2. Dr Pál Weihe (Faroe Islands) – expert in occupational health
3. Vilhjálmur Gregoriussen,  Director of the Maritime Authority, Faroe Islands, “Regulations”
4. Eyðun Joensen,  psychologist, Faroe Islands
5. Halvard Asjord, senior researcher at “Sinteff”, Norway

Stress is the common theme in all presentations. After the presentations a working groups will be formed to identify actions and measures that can be taken to improve conditions with regard to the main theme.

For further informations on this IASST event please contact Marius K Magnusson at marius@seasafe.fo


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