Maritime Safety News – 3rd March 2008

  Peru divers pluck 3 children, woman from beneath hull of capsized
San Diego Union Tribune – United States
Rescue workers heard shouts coming from the hull early Friday morning, but were unable to saw through the ship’s thick metal exterior.

Transportation Safety Board won’t probe sinking of tugboat off
The Chronicle Journal – Thunder Bay,Ontario,Canada
says it couldn’t conduct an investigation because it hasn’t been able to recover the vessel and there are no witnesses to the sinking.

Three Egyptians Trialed over Killing Yemeni Soldier
Yemen Post – Sana’a,Yemen
Three Egyptians are standing trials before the Egyptian judiciary over killing a Yemeni soldier and injuring another during a maritime accident that took 

Supreme Court weighs case to cut oil-spill award
Seward Phoenix Log – Seward,AK,USA
She challenged Dellinger’s line of argument that two centuries of maritime law, notably involving an 1814 raid against a sugar ship called the Amiable Nancy 


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