Maritime Safety News Today – 5th April 2008

Coast Guard responds to barge grounding
Tampa Bay Newspapers – Seminole,FL,USA
Simpson said because the barge is located outside the normal shipping channel, vessel traffic has not been affected. The broadcast is to warn pleasure boats
Sailor injured in fog collision
BBC News – UK
A man was injured during a collision between his yacht and a tug in thick fog off the north Cornwall coast. A doctor was transported to the vessel by

Activist and Coast Guard Ship Collide

TORONTO (AP) — A coast guard icebreaker and a ship owned by an activist conservation group collided off Canada’s east coast as tensions mounted over the country’s annual seal hunt.

A spokesman for Canada’s federal Fisheries Department said Monday that the icebreaker was “grazed” twice on Sunday by the Farley Mowat, a 177-foot vessel owned by the U.S.-based Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

But the conservation group countered that its ship was rammed twice by the 321-foot icebreaker Des Groseilliers about 40 miles north of Cape Breton.

High St. Lawrence may help free grounded ship
CBC MontrealMontreal,Quebec,Canada
The owners of a container ship that ran aground in the St. Lawrence River near Trois-Rivières, Que., almost a month ago hope high water levels will give
Capsized sealers tell of fight for their lives – Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Only a few days after surviving a maritime accident that killed four fellow sealers, Bruno-Pierre Bourque and Carl Deraspe spoke yesterday of confusion and
SNCM seafarers take-over SeaFrance ferry
Lloyd’s List – London,UK
to bring to an end an occupation of its newly acquired car ferry, the SeaFrance Moliere, by seafarers from its Mediterranean counterpart SNCM.
Marine group urges work to stem rising claims
Business Insurance – Chicago,IL,USA
By Michael Bradford OSLO, Norway—Marine insurers must work more closely with shipowners, class societies and regulators to improve maritime safety if the .
IMO approves sulfur limits for ship fuel
The International Maritime Organization approved a landmark deal to limit the sulfur in bunker fuel that will significantly curb air pollution but also sharply drive up costs for ship owners.
EC prods member states on maritime directives
Marine Log – New York,NY,USA
on maritime safety, establishing common criteria for control of ships by the port state and harmonizing procedures on inspection and detention. .

3 Responses to Maritime Safety News Today – 5th April 2008

  1. starbird says:

    I suggest you watch the video and discover that you need to research your information before you put it out to be read. The Canadian Coast Guard ship is the instigator of the ramming… TWICE…

    And what about the mob of angry fishermen who threw rocks, threats and used an axe to cut the mooring ropes while at dock this morning. Did you know about that? You can see the photos on the Sea Shepherd web site:

    “Captain Cornelissen explained to the police that it would take some time to warm the engines in order to leave port safely and avoid serious engine damage. He requested protection during that time, but the police did nothing other than stand by and watch as fishermen hacked at the mooring lines of the Farley Mowat with an axe and ripped the gangplank from the ship, setting it dangerously adrift into the harbor.

    After the mob severed head and bow-spring lines from the bollards, Sea Shepherd crew members scurried to pull in lines and prevent them from drifting back towards the screw or into the bowthruster. “The mob responded with a rain of stones and rocks that were thrown with the intent to injure,” said Hammarstedt.

    Without engine power, the Farley Mowat drifted uncontrollably in serious danger of crashing into nearby rocks and/or ships in the harbor. Captain Cornelissen had no choice but to start the engines cold–risking irreparable damage–in order to avoid a potentially lethal collision.”

  2. Bob Couttie says:

    I would suggest that you click on the linked headline to the orginal AP report, which is what it is there for, and send your comments to them. MAC is not responsible for third party reports.

  3. Admiral says:

    SIMPLY REVIEW THIS REPORT FOR ACCIDENT INFO Regarding the Canadian Coast Guard:

    REPORT: “Families blame coast guard for seal hunters’ deaths”

    Families of the four hunters who were killed say the Coast Guard is responsible for their deaths.

    ..witnesses said the coast guard were towing the stranded vessel too quickly and failed to notice when the trawler ran into ice and flipped.

    Damien Derapse, Mr Aucoin’s brother-in-law, said the coast guard botched the rescue attempt

    “The coast guard sunk them. ” he said.

    Read that for yourself and decide for yourself.

    Keep in mind, the above event which caused the deaths was NOWHERE NEAR any conservation vessel. It was completely independent of any seal defender or ship, however it WAS the same Coast Guard, during the same week, during their Canadian Coast Guard operations during the same Seal hunting event.

    In regard to the Coast Guard Ramming, note that the the Farley Mowat is a vessel that has sailed across the panama canal, it and its crew are well-experienced in icy conditions, and have proven arctic experience. And actually also ANTARCTIC experience as well, having ventured in both oceans, which the other vessel has not, and made BOTH north and south Polar excursions, successfully navigating amongst a multitude of icy maritime conditions in both hemispheres, with an experienced crew that knows what they are doing after having quite adeqately navigated nearly the entire globe.

    Next, this is not the 1st time the canadian coast guard has failed to be paying attention, and either caused an accident, or even cost peoples lives. In 2006, the Canadian Coast Guard was not watching the EPIRB and never noticed a rescue signal, and 4 more people died.

    So as to who is more careless, or not paying attention to proper navigation, right of passage, and procedures, you make up your own mind.

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