Maritime Safety News – 7th April 2008

Captain of cargo vessel blamed for bridge collision in east China
Xinhua – China
The local authority cordoned off the site of the accident and banned all ship movements. Construction of the 21-kilometer bridge began in April 2006 and was

Oil removal frees barge from sand bar
United Press International – USA
The maritime accident reportedly resulted in no environmental damage to the surrounding waters. A spokesman for K-Sea Transportation Partners LP,

Officer: Ship Victim Fell During Rescue
The Associated Press –
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A rescuer says one of the fishing boat crewmen who died after their vessel sank fell from a rescue basket being pulled into a

Firefighters save yacht
Halifax Evening Courier – UK
Crews managed to secure lines to the vessel Lorinja and used a pump to try and stop it sinking close to the lock gates to the Royal Dock.

Charges laid against the captain and chief officer of the Farley Mowat
The Canadian Press – HALIFAX
with violating Canadian fisheries laws, stemming from a high-seas collision between the anti-sealing vessel and a coast guard icebreaker last weekend.


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