MAC Turns One

Maritime Accident Casebook is now officially a year old and as we light
the candles, wearing appropriate PPE and extinguisher at the ready, we’d
like to thank all of you who have supported us, directly or simply by
taking notice of what we do and telling others.

The response from the maritime accident investigation community,
especially the members of MAIIF, as well as those involved in safety and
survival training, like the good folks at IASST, as well as the P&I
clubs who’ve taken and interest, feel that what we are doing is helpful
and have alerted their members to our existence, as well as
safety-related organisations such as MSF and Step Change, not to mention
the Nautical Institute and the maritime media such as Maritime Executive and

John Kondrad of who has been a good friend of MAC and Steve Harris

who honoured us with his Gold Award.

And let me not forget to mention IDESS Interactive Technologies, which
has been very supportive logistically, thanks to them we have a home.

Most of all, we’d like to thank the seafarers who have done so much to
help get the word out and encourage others to take notice, and the
training organisations which have elected to use our materials to try
and make seafarers and ships a little safer.

True, we’ve had the occasional knockback, particularly in our birthday
month of June, with a major fire at our server provider followed by the
failure of some key bits of equipment that have taken a while to replace
fully and which have keep our popular podcasts off the air for a while,
but we’re back and with some great developments on the horizon.

Again, thank you all for your encouragement, for being part of our
community and for letting us be a part of yours.

Bob Couttie
Maritime Accident Casebook


3 Responses to MAC Turns One

  1. OldSailor says:

    Congratulations on your first anniversary. Wish you all the best.:)

  2. Bob Couttie says:

    I’ll save you some cake. Many thanks. Marinebuzz is one of my favourites.

  3. […] Couttie’s Maritime Accident Casebook celebrates the blog’s first birthday (Congrats!) and has VHF radio follies in “Yacht Jams Communications, Europe Cut […]

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