Enclosed/confined space entry – The One Way Assassin

We’ve been concentrating on enclosed/confined space entry this month, here’s the fifth in the series:

The Case Of The One Way Assassin
Kurt was a young ambitious officer with the world of command ahead of him
but he forgot the golden rule: when you go into a trap,
make sure you’ve got two pairs of eyes.

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One Response to Enclosed/confined space entry – The One Way Assassin

  1. There are some excellent points made regarding confined space entry. I write about this issue in my book, “Terrorism and the Maritime Transportation System.” I’m sure some will say, “What do confined spaces have to do with terrorism?”

    That’s a fair question. While we hear about containers and “USS Cole” type attacks, I have an entire chapter addressing the ships themselves. The inspection condition of a vessel may be an indicator of the operating company. The less reputable the company, the more likely chance for criminal or terrorist involvement.

    In my book I describe two inspection instances where as an inspector and maritime investigator I entered the tank of a tankship, and another instance while crawling the double bottom of a vessel.

    Both instances were considered confined space entries and without the proper measures beforehand, could have been deadly. As I described in the double bottom, if I had not gotten out when I did, it might very well have been the end of me.

    Bob Couttie makes good points that should be listened to carefully.

    Anthony “Tony” M. Davis
    Bestselling Author: “Terrorism and the Maritime Transportation System”

    Homeland Security Group

    In GOD we Trust, All Others We Monitor…

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