Announcement – Maritime Casualty Investigation Association

Maritime Accident Casebook is acting secretariat for the proposed Maritime Casualty Investigation Association to feel out individuals and various industry sectors about the desirability of such a body. The purpose of this post is to gain feedback on the proposal. Comment can be posted below or in confidence to

It is intended that the association actively promote maritime/offshore casualty investigation as a profession, act as a ‘watering-hole’ for the public and private sectors, promote the concept of casualty investigation as an element in safety enhancement and risk reduction rather than liability-focussed, develop a unified set of competencies for maritime/offshore casualty investigation and encourage compliance with relevant IMO codes and obligations.

It is also intended that the association will bridge the gap between, and collaborate with, public sector-orientated organisations specifically related to casualty investigation, such as MAIFF, and private sector initiatives such as Step Change In Safety, Marine Safety Forum, IMCA and the International Chamber of Shipping, and others for whom casualty investigation is a partial element in their activities.

Bob Couttie

Please take a look at the proposed Maritime Casualty Investigation Association here.


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