New Book Supports MAC

If Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan had followed safety procedures much like today’s PSSR requirements he might have been the first to sail around the world, as it was, an underling, Sebastian Elcano took the honors. Just one of the bits of trivia you’ll find in Chew The Bones, Bob Couttie’s third book,now available on Amazon.

It won’t get you an STCW certificate but proceeds will go towards supporting Maritime Accident Casebook and its podcasts.

Says the blurb: “Take a time-travelling journey of a thousand years of adventure and romance as you explore the unknown highways, byways and strange ways of an almost forgotten world. Dip into a unique, eye-opening collection of true stories they didn’t tell you at school. In this world slaves get benefits worthy of a corporate highflier. A redhaired hard-to-handle Hong Kong-born Irish teenager marries a man determined to change his country’s destiny. England’s Queen Victoria is given the world’s most expensive wedding dress, made by Filipinos. The last cavalry charge in American history begins with a hangover as the first Japanese bombs drop on the Philippines. A Scots-American widow find a new purpose protecting and building lives for the indigenous Aeta people of the Zambales Mountains.”

Help support MAC, buy the book from Amazon here


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