NEW: The Case Of The Foggy Pilot (Cosco Busan)

June 28, 2009


When it comes to safe navigation, if you don’t ask a question right you’re not asking the right question and you won’t get the right answer.

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New Podcast: The Case Of The Benzene Bomber

April 2, 2009


An explosion aboard a ship carrying flammable cargo is a master’s nightmare. This nightmare will really make your hair stand on end

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Podcast – The Case Of The Tablets Of Love

March 17, 2009

You might not smell trouble
but you might see it coming,
even if it wears a mask

cctv image of the grounded vessel

A seasick seafarer is later found dead in his cabin. The culprit? The notorious suicide pill known as the “Tablet of Love”, but how?

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Podcast: The Case Of The Master’s Touch

March 17, 2009

New: The Case Of The Master’s Touch

Van Gogh was a painter with the master’s touch,
but this Van Gogh had a touch of a very different kind.

Lend an ear.

cctv image of the grounded vessel

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The Case Of The Unfamiliar Mariner Part 1

January 24, 2008

When the chemical tanker Bow Mariner exploded off the coast of Virginia,USA, on February 28, 2004, 21 of its crew of 27 died. It was a tragedy born of incompetence,ignorance, intolerance and fraud. Many of the crew died because a vital piece of life preserving equipment was considered unnecessary and none had training in cold water survival.

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New Podcast – The Case Of The Confused Pilot

November 28, 2007

Pilotage and bridge team management have come to the fore this month with the allison between the Cosco Busan and the San Francisco-Oakland Bridge so the latest MAC episode, The Case Of The Confused Pilot is a timely reminder of the issues at stake.

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New Episode: The Case Of The Lethal Lampshade

November 9, 2007

Episode 10 of Maritime Accident Casebook is now online:

Three men lay more than a hundred yards from the thick torn metal that once covered the top forward ballast tank, they were dead.

In the gathering darkness, in the roughening seas around the ship, the bodies of four other men were being carried away on the current, three of them never to be found.

Inside the gray powder-coated ballast tank, burned and injured one man lived. He would not survive his injuries. The last sound he heard, if he heard it, before the massive explosion may have been the quiet pop of a light-bulb breaking…

It wasn’t the Silent Assassin that killed the eight men aboard
the Nego Kim, it was a deadly lampshade.

Lethal Lampshade

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