New Podcast: The Case Of The Seductive SIM

October 13, 2007

Ancient mariners feared the seductive call
of the siren would wreck their ships,
this modern mariner was seduced by call of the SIM.




NEW: The Case Of The Baffling Bays

August 28, 2007
Put together three bays as alike as walnuts in a shell game, a tired pilot, and an obedient second officer and the right turn could be the wrong turn.

The Case Of The Baffling Bays

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New Transcript – The Case Of The Deadly Saviour

July 16, 2007

Episode 4 transcript of the Maritime Accident Casebook is now online, check the transcripts tab above.

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Watch out for the Case Of The Errant Hookers – Coming soon

Episode 4: The Case Of The Deadly Saviour

July 13, 2007

Where is the most dangerous place on your ship? The cargo holds? The chain locker? The galley? The rolling deck in a storm? No. The most dangerous place on your ship is the one place you really, really want to be when things go really, really wrong.

The Case Of The Deadly Saviour

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MCA Podcast

July 6, 2007

If you like the Maritime Accident Case book podcast you might also be interested in the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s regular monthly podcast. Click here to check it out. If you know of other maritime-related podcasts with a safety angle either drop me a post or email me at

Case No. 3 – The Case Of The Wandering Monarch

July 3, 2007

A cruise liner with 1,500 souls aboard, the most dangerous waters around the US coast and a GPS that tell lies to the autopilot for 36 hours with nobody noticing. Guess what happens next…

The Case of the Wandering Monarch

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Case No. 2 – The Case of the Silent Assassin

June 28, 2007


Ships are dangerous places for the badly trained, the unwary, the careless. In this case two seafarers were killed by almost nothing.

The Case of the Silent Assassin

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