The Case Of The Silent Assassin

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3 Responses to The Case Of The Silent Assassin

  1. Don Sheetz says:

    Bob —

    Great Stuff!

    At the recent meeting of the Marine Accident Investigators International Forum in Beijing I was tasked with collecting and disseminating material concerning confined space entries for a submission to IMO.

    Annually, scores, if not hundreds, of seafarers die when they enter confined spaces which have too little oxygen or contain toxic fumes. I have personal experience with investigations into such incidents.

    I would be obliged if I can use your material and I would be further obliged if you could send me the link to the animated version of the Silent Assassin.

    If you run across additional incidents, please share them.

    Many thanks.

    Donald (Don) J. Sheetz
    Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Affairs
    Republic of Vanuatu

  2. James Clark says:

    I don’t have info to support this, but I’ve heard there was a similar fatal incident at NASA, involving the shuttle. The big external liquid fuel tank is pumped up with nitrogen in order to give it more mechanical rigidity when it isn’t being used, and to keep out corrosion, and check for leaks. Story is some NASA worker either didn’t know or didn’t follow the safety rules, went into the tank to do an inspection, and died.

  3. SteveK says:

    Indeed! Indeed! Enclosed spaces with any oxidizable metal could spell hypoxia; It’s easy to accidentally overlook something on the first go round, and this is very sad; now hopefully the word is spreading. Maybe there should be an O2 monitor and O2 available near many perhaps all enclosed spaces, especially metal eclosrues; I suspect people think: “Well I live in an enclosed room why don’t I die with windows closed?” That’s because those surfaces and structures are porous.

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