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If you’re a seafarer, why not get together with other crewmembers to listen to the podcast, read the transcripts and discuss how you can apply the lessons learned on your ship and how you can encourage others to work as a team to implement them?

If you’re responsible for seafarer training in your company and you feel the MAC podcasts and transcripts are helpful, feel free to distribute them (All materials are copyright). If you think they’re helpful you might consider a small donation, or even whether a custom podcast would be helpful in your work.

We’d be happy to get your feedback and suggestions about how we can make Maritime Accident Casebook even more useful and informative. Leave a comment on the News And Mail page or simply email me at


4 Responses to How To…

  1. Sébastien Déry says:

    I know it is probably too old, but have you ever heard of the MT Hudson Transport. It was a canadian flagged product tanker that caught on fire on the St-Lawrence river on Christmas eve 1981. The investigation report is an apparently endless sequence of inter-mingling mistakes. Several crew members were killed. For your information and consideration.

  2. Bob Couttie says:

    It isn’t the age of the incident that matters so much as whether the lessons are still valid. We’re always happy to consider suggestions for future podcasts or commentary so thanks for putting us onto to this one, we’ll certainly take a look at it.

  3. K.K.Rengan says:

    Recently on August 13 2008, my wife’s nephew was reported missing missing from the container vessel, “MARGRETHE MAERSK” (with DENMARK Flag; IMO #: 935900). The seafarer’s name is ANAND KOUSHIK BALACHANDAR, a third Engineer at the above mentioned vessel. The initial investigation report by the captain & crews of Maersk was not satisfactory, So for, the incident has been of a mystery to all of the seafarer’s family. Has this incident been reported to your organization? The family memebrsare still looking for a definite answer and closure on this incident. Could you help us in anyway, please?

    Thank You.

  4. Bob Couttie says:

    Some further information might help. Did he disappear while the vessel was at sea or in port? You might to use the Confidential report form on our main site, .

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