We’re still organising this site, the current focus is on podcast production so we’re adding links as we go that we think are noteworthy. Suggestions welcome.

The Nautical Institute

The international professional body for qualified seafarers and others with an interest in nautical matters. We provide a wide range of services to enhance the professional standing and knowledge of members who are drawn from all sectors of the maritime world. Check out the MARS section.

Seafarers Assistance Program

Seafarers Assistance Program is a voluntary charity of merchant mariners founded in 1996 to offer humantarian assistance to all seafarers; Monitor, document and investigate seafarers’ rights abuses in Africa; Design, co-ordinate and carry out training, cultural and leisure activites for seafarers; Collect and dessiminate information on maritime activities in Africa; Collect and dessiminate educational materials as well as studies.

International Association for Safety and Survival Training

Founded by a group of major safety training providers to enhance the quality of emergency response training by encouraging an interchange of knowledge and experience between training providers on a global basis.

Maritime Safety Training software covering fire safety, sea survival, first aid and ship security. Demos, registration required.


Describes its objectives: The maritime industry today should: Recognise- that the current international regulations set a standard which, if properly implemented by all operators and effectively enforced by all flag States, would ensure shipping services of high technical, safety and environmental quality; Acknowledge- that the acceptance of substandard practices by any sector of the maritime industry including its customers is detrimental to the protection of people and the environment, ship safety and fair competition, and that the elimination of such practices would benefit all responsible participants in the market and contribute to an enhanced safety and quality culture throughout the industry; Be aware- that quality shipping needs quality seafarers and that compliance with internationally agreed training, competence and working standards are integral to ship safety, the promotion of a safety culture and to quality shipping; Urge- public authorities to increase their efforts to raise quality awareness and harmonise port State control and focus it particularly on substandard ships, to ensure more transparent and accurate information on the quality of ships obtained through port State control and to exercise restraint in introducing new and additional technical requirements for ships and crews

Tetley’s Maritime and Admiralty Law
“My website strives to be a useful source of information on maritime and admiralty law matters”, indeed, it is.

GlobeMET – Global Maritime Education and Training Association

The initiative to form an Asia Pacific regional association grew out of a series of informal gatherings, initiated by the meeting of Heads of Maritime Education and Training Institutions in Asia Pacific, convened and hosted by the Australian Maritime College in 1989.

Centre d’Etude et de Pratique de la Survie (CEPS)

French safety and survival training centre in Brittany.

Trygdarmiðstøðin – (The Safety Centre) – Faroe Islands
An institution under the Faroese Fishery Administration, which has sea safety as one of its fields of responsibility. Safety and Survival training.

CHIRPS The Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme.
Check out its quarterly feedback newsletters

International Maritime Bureau

Anti-piracy/maritime crime organisation, issues weekly piracy reports.

United States Marine Safety Association.

Promote the development and implementation of the highest possible performance, manufacturing, maintenance, service and training standards, for all lifesaving, survival and emergency rescue equipment. To be a centralized network for the collection and dissemination of useful information. To serve and educate the membership, the general public, and governing agencies in a manner which exhibits a commitment to the highest degree of quality and integrity.

National Marine Safety Committee (Australia)

Maritime Safety Gateway (EU)

European Maritime Safety Agency

International Federation of Ship Masters Associations

Daily blog and forum for seafarers

Interesting photos of what it looks like when things go really wrong:

Disaster At Sea – Photos of Maritime Destruction
Container Shipping

And some remarkable photos here

Most Outrageous Ship Photos

Maritime Monday
A quirky weekly round-up by Fred Fry International ‘citizen journalist’. Well worth a look

Marine Reporter

Online, free, subscribable, American with a bias towards US navy stories


Self explanatory, site for mariners, strong US bias flavour.

Mariners Homeport

Networking site for seafarers. Worth a look.


Don Pedro’s Mariners job links, worth a browse, also has a maritime webring associated with it.

Ship Days
Site for Merchant marine studies and exams. Well recommended.

National Maritime Investigation Agencies


P&I Clubs

Maritime Related Blogs

Maritime Health

Medecine Maritime (French, some English)

Seacare Australia

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    Great resource. I’ve been able to add most of these sites into our Maritime Custom search engine. If you want to search the safety sites only click the “incident investigation” refinement and if you only want to search the blogs click the “blogs” refinement (after the search).

    You can find our Maritime CSE here:

    Keep up the good work!!

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  6. […] happen then MAC should be your first stop. Be sure to visit their podcast section as well as their links page which contains a list of the best maritime resources for incident […]

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