Weekly Piracy Report

April 18, 2008

The following is a summary of the daily reports broadcast by the IMB’s Piracy Reporting Centre to ships in Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean Regions on the SafetyNET service of Inmarsat-C from 8 to 14 April 2008.


Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh
The number of attacks has reduced since 2006. However, the area is still listed as a high risk area and mariners are advised to be cautious especially while approaching the anchorage and while at anchor at Chittagong

Violent attacks carried out by pirates on board vessels at anchor and vessel carrying out STS operations. Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution in these waters.

Suspicious crafts
None reported

Recently reported incidents
06.04.2008: 2000 UTC: 05:17.7N – 004:43.03E: Nigeria.
An unlit speedboat approached a tanker from the stern. Alarm raised and SSAS alarm activated. The speedboat Fired warning shots from automatic weapons and left. No injuries to crew or any damage to ship suffered.

13.04.2008: 0205 LT: 03:13N – 105:26E, Off Pulau Mangkai, Indonesia
12 pirates, in a speedboat, armed with guns, swords and iron bars approached a bulk carrier underway. Master raised alarm, crew directed fire hoses and SSAS activated. Pirates boarded the ship and stole crew personal belongings, ship’s cash and property. After 50 minutes, they left the ship. No injuries to crew except minor bruises. Ships in vicinity alerted.

13.04.2008: 0355 LT: 03:16.18N – 105:26.68E, off Pulau Mangkai, Indonesia.
Pirates armed with long knives in a speedboat boarded a product tanker underway. They stole crew personal belongings and ship’s property and escaped. No injuries.

12.04.2008: 0511 UTC: 14:33.6N – 050:32.2E, Gulf of Aden.
Two suspicious crafts doing 17 knots approached a container ship underway. Master took evasive manoeuvres and increased speed to outrun the crafts. Both crafts had six to seven persons onboard. No weapons sighted. There were several other small boats in the vicinity; however, there was no indication that these boats were associated with the two suspect crafts.

09.04.2008: 1720 UTC: 13:57.5N – 051:13.1E: Gulf of Aden.
A general cargo ship, underway, noticed a target on the radar at a range of 6nm. When 4nm off, the boat switched off her lights altered course and headed towards the general cargo ship. As the ship altered course to increase the CPA, the suspicious boat kept altering course to get closer. The ship switched off its navigation and all other lights to take cover in the darkness. At a range of 2nm, the boat aborted. At a distance of 6nm the ship switched on it’s navigational lights and resumed her original course.

08.04.2008: 0247 LT: Dar es Salaam anchorage no. 6, Tanzania.
Anti piracy watchman sighted one robber near the boson store, on a container ship at anchor. On sighting the watchman, the robber jumped overboard and escaped in a waiting boat. Alarm raised. Investigations indicated duty watch keepers had abandoned their stations to look into a noise they had heard, allowing the robber to access the ship unnoticed. Ship’s stores were found stolen.

08.04.2008: 0700UTC: 14:30N-051:52E: Gulf of Aden.
Suspicious boats approached and circled a tanker underway three times in 20 minutes. At first, one boat circled the vessel. In the second and third instance, four boats circled the vessel. The master increased speed, took evasive manoeuvres and enforced effective measures to prevent suspicious boats from closing in.

07.04.2008: 0900 LT: 15:06N-052:55E: Gulf of Aden.
One fishing boat approached a vessel underway. The boats showed white flags and asked for food. Ship activated fire hoses. After 30 minutes, the boats left.

01.04.2008: 14:30N – 049:10E:75nm South of Mukalla port: Gulf of Aden.
Pirates armed with guns attacked and hijacked a fishing vessel and sailed into Somali territorial waters. The fishing vessel, along with its 34 crew was released when a military helicopter intervened.

31.03.2008: 12:10N-052:10E: Abd Al-Kuri Island, Gulf of Aden.
Pirates armed with guns attacked and boarded a fishing vessel. They shot and injured the master on his left shoulder, stole three zodiac boats and escaped into Somali waters.


Weekly Piracy Report

February 14, 2008

Recently reported incidents from the International Maritime Bureau

30.01.2008: 2130 UTC: 06:17.62N – 003:24369E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria.

Four robbers armed with handguns and knives boarded a product tanker at anchor. Alert crew raised alarm and crew mustered. Robbers stole ship’s store and escaped in their waiting boat.

04.02.2008: 0330 LT: Dar es Salaam anchorage area 4, Tanzania.

Twelve robbers in a speedboat approached a general cargo ship at anchor. Two robbers boarded the ship. Alert crew raised alarm, SSAS activated and port control informed. Ship’s crew mustered and took necessary anti-piracy measures. The robbers jumped into the water and escaped in their waiting boat. Police patrol boat came for investigation

Piracy prone areas and warnings

Mariners are warned to be extra cautious and to take necessary precautionary measures when transiting the following areas:

S E Asia and the Indian Sub Continent

  • Bangladesh : Sixty two incidents have been reported since January 2006. Pirates are targeting ships preparing to anchor. Most attacks reported at Chittagong anchorages and approaches. Although the number of attacks has fallen recently, the area is still listed as very high risk.
  • Indonesia : Balongan, Balikpapan, Belawan. Generally be vigilant in other areas. Many attacks may have gone unreported.
  • Malacca straits : Although the number of attacks has dropped due to the increase and constant patrols by the littoral states relevant Authorities since July 2005, ships are advised to continue maintaining a strict anti piracy watch when transiting the straits.
  • Philippines : Manila – Pirates target ships at anchor.
  • Singapore Straits : Pirates seen attacking ships while at anchor but in the past several ships were attacked while underway.

Africa and Red Sea

  • Lagos (Nigeria) : Pirates are violent and have attacked and robbed vessels/kidnapped crews along the coast and river, at anchorages and ports. A total of 42 incidents have been reported in Nigeria since 08.01.2007. Twenty five attacks alone for Lagos and seven for Bonny River. Generally be vigilant in other areas in Nigeria.
  • Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) : Twenty incidents have been reported since 05.06.2006. Pirates are targeting ships in port and anchorages.
  • Mombasa (Kenya):
  • Gulf of Aden / Red Sea : Numerous pirate attacks have been reported by ships and yachts in the Gulf of Aden/Red sea. In the past, some of the vessels were fired upon.
  • Somalian waters : The IMB Piracy Reporting Centre has received 31 actual and attempted attacks in 2007. Many more attacks may have gone unreported. Some pirates are dangerous and would fire their automatic weapons at ships to stop them. Occasionally, they would use their RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) launchers at ships. Pirates are believed to be using “mother vessels” to launch attacks at very far distance from coast. These “mother vessel” is able to proceed to very far out to sea to launch smaller boats to attack and hijack passing ships. Eastern and Northeastern coasts are high risk areas for attacks and hijackings. Vessels not making scheduled calls to ports in Somalia should keep as far away as possible from the Somali coast, ideally more than 200 nautical miles. Mariners are also advised to report any suspicious boats to the Centre.

South and Central America and the Caribbean waters

  • Brazil : Though the number of attacks has dropped in Santos, ships are advised to continue to be vigilant.
  • Peru : Callao

Rest of the World

  • Arabian Sea : Sightings and calls from suspicious small boats. In some cases, boats pursued the ships with unknown intent.

<!–Inventus UAV

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–>IMB piracy reports (free) and other publications can be ordered from the publications page.

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