Weekly Piracy Report

May 28, 2008

IMB’s weekly piracy report is reproduced here.

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Svitzer Korsakov Released

March 19, 2008

Agence France-Presse reports the release of the Danish-registered tug Svitzer Korsakov and its crew 46 days after it was hijacked by Somali pirates. It is understood that a ransom of some $700,000 was paid.

The vessel was hijacked in the Gulf of Aden on 1st February 2008.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper reports: “The Irish chief engineer has been named as 68-year-old father-of-four Fred Parle who is said to have come out of retirement to do one last job, delivering the 115-foot Korsakov from St Petersburg to Sakhalin Island, between north-west Japan and Russia, where it would have been servicing the oil and gas fields. ”

Denmark’s maritime authority has yet to announce whether it will independently investigate the incident as it did the Danica White.

Maritime Safety News Today – 22 November 2007

November 22, 2007

Australian Navy Saves 16 in Boat Rescue
The Associated Press –
a sinking Indonesian ferry and attempted to take them to Australia. Prime Minister John Howard refused to allow the ship to dock on Australian soil,

Danish authorities criticize captain of ship hijacked off Somalia
International Herald Tribune – France
AP COPENHAGEN, Denmark: The Danish Maritime Authority on Wednesday partly blamed the captain of a cargo ship for a hijacking off Somalia, saying he did not

Piracy prompts pleas for naval vessels
Independent Online – Cape Town,South Africa
In 2005 the WFP temporarily suspended maritime aid after two pirate attacks on its ships. Earlier Monday, a Kenyan maritime officials said Somali pirates on

Owners of Hijacked Golden Nori in Ransom Talks

The ransom may be as high as the $1.5 million demanded for the Danica White in August; one crew member escaped and swam to safety.


Flags of convenience leave some mariners stranded
Logistics Management – Newton,MA,USA
“This means that the bulk of our work is taking care of the basic needs of seafarers,” said Lindgren. “When they arrive at our center, they are free to use 



Boat ‘was not sinking‘ says WA company
The West Australian – Perth,Western Australia,Australia
No lifejackets were observed on the vessel. Efforts by crew members from Ararat to assist were complicated by the over-crowding and instability of the


Old ferries pulled from service; Keystone-Port Townsend run closed
HeraldNet – Everett,WA,USA
Inspections by crews assigned to the vessel turned up extensive corrosion pitting the Quinault’s hull plates. The seriousness of the problem became clear


ANYTHING BUT: An Act Relative to Port Security

A proposed bill (S.1349) threatens to squeeze the life out of the port of Boston. Another (S.515) hopes to ensure safe marine operations for years to come. Which will succeed?


Maritime Safety News Today – 9 November 2007

November 9, 2007

Somali pirates holding tanker send Japan demands
Reuters South Africa – Johannesburg,South Africa
The Panamanian-flagged Golden Nori was carrying benzene when it was attacked about eight nautical miles offshore on Oct. 28.

Shipping Pollution Kills 60,000 a Year

Pollution from ships, in the form of tiny airborne particles, kills at least 60,000 people each year, says a new study. And unless action is taken quickly to address the problem – such as by switching to cleaner fuels – the death toll will climb, researchers warn.

Sinking cruise ship runs aground in Virginia Beach
Daily Press – Newport News,VA,USA
VIRGINIA BEACH – The captain of a troubled cruise ship intentionally ran his vessel aground in Virginia Beach this morning to prevent it from sinking.

Oil spill in San Francisco bay after container ship hits bridge
The US Coast Guard said in a statement that approximately 8000 gallons of bunker fuel had been recovered following the collision involving the Cosco-Busan

Pacific Coast beaches affected by oil spill from container ship
Press-Enterprise – Riverside,CA,USA
The accident caused no structural damage to the span, officials said, but the vessel’s hull suffered a large gash. “By our guidelines it is a medium-sized

Mauritania: 47 Illegal Immigrants Drown En Route to Canaries
The Media Line – New York,NY,USA
The accident happened when the ship’s engine broke down on its way from Senegal (south of Mauritania) to the Canary Islands. The 143 passengers on board the


Somali pirates release Taiwanese ship
NAIROBI (AFP) — Somali pirates on Monday released a Taiwanese fishing vessel that was in captivity for more than five months, a maritime official and the US

NKorea Thanks US Over Piracy Standoff
The Associated Press –
The North’s Korean Central News Agency hailed the maritime collaboration as a “symbol of cooperation” between the two countries “in the struggle against

From Safety At Sea

Lookout tells how ferry sank yacht

THE jury hearing the case of the P&O ferry Pride of Bilbao swamping or colliding with the yacht Ouzo have heard from Dave Smith, who was the lookout on the bridge at the time. Read More

Louis blames sinking on poor charts

LOUIS Hellenic Cruises has blamed inaccurate nautical charts for the sinking of the cruise ship Sea Diamond off the Greek island of Santorini seven months ago. Read More

Safety: Canada cuts out courts

CANADA’s transport minister is proposing speeding up sanctions for safety violations by the country’s marine industry by issuing fines without going through the courts. Read More

Hostage ducks sharks in hijack slip

A KOREAN hostage held by Somali pirates has arrived back in South Korea after escaping. Read More

German language waiver for masters

THE German transport ministry has accepted owners’ proposal for a temporary waiver on German-language requirements for masters on German-flagged vessels. Read More

Cruise ship grounds to prevent sinking

SIXTY-SIX passengers were ferried to shore this morning by the USCG after their cruise ship was intentionally grounded to prevent it from sinking. Read More

SeaRiver to train US cadets

SEAN Connaughton continued his quest yesterday to make US maritime academy graduates more competitive by signing another vessel operator to train American cadets. Read More

Pole behind bars over rig collision

THE Polish master of the Antigua and Barbuda registered cargo vessel Jork has been imprisoned for a year after the ship hit an unmanned gas platform in the North Sea. Read More

Vietnamese crew voted top class

SHIPOWNERS have been told to look to Vietnam to meet their crewing needs despite its seafarers’ poor proficiency in English and unfamiliarity with foreign cultures. Read More

Crew compromises mean safety crisis

CREWING shortages could lead to a compromise on safety, delegates to Seatrade’s Middle East Money and Ships Conference were told yesterday in Dubai. Read More

Teekay tanker takes out tower

COAST Guard officials are investigating how the Bahamas-flagged tanker Axel Spirit crashed into the 23m-tall Ambrose Light in lower New York Bay. Read More

$300 for dead seafarers’ families

MALAYSIA has bowed to its shipowners association and introduced an ex-gratia payment for seafarers who lose their lives in the course of duty. Read More

Three die in Thai ferry disaster

THREE passengers died when a crowded ferry sank in the Gulf of Thailand yesterday. Read More

Weekly Piracy Report

November 7, 2007

The following is from the International Maritime Bureau piracy reports, for more information click here.

Recently reported incidents

31.10.2007: 0330 LT: 06:15N – 003:15E, Lagos, Nigeria.
Three pirates armed with knives boarded a tanker drifting. They took hostage the duty A/B and O/S and tied them up. They threatened the O/S with knives on his throat and asked him to open the accommodation doors but the O/S did not have the key. Two of the pirates then went to the bridge and assaulted the 2/O. The next watch keeper woke up and saw the movements on poop deck and raised the alarm. All crew mustered. Pirates escaped with ship’s stores, property, crew personal belongings and cash. First aid administered to the O/S who received knife injuries. Port control informed.
30.10.2007: 2120 LT: 03:59.6N-006:50.3E, 15 NM off fairway buoy, Bonny Town, Nigeria.
Ten robbers armed with guns boarded a reefer vessel.  Alarm raised and crew mustered.  Robbers escaped.  Attempt to contact bonny signal station were futile
27.10.2007: 0142 LT: Santos outer roads anchorage, Brazil.
Robbers armed with guns boarded a container ship and fired their guns at the approaching crew members.  For safety crew members locked themselves in a safer place.  Robbers opened 8 reefer containers and stole cargo contents and escaped.  No one was injured
19.10.2007: Offshore Lagos: Nigeria.
Robbers armed with knives boarded a tanker at anchor.  They took as hostage one AB. They tied him up and warned him not to make any attempt to escape. They stole some ship’s store.  Robbers then took the AB into the accommodation and searched for money. They then returned to stern, lowered ship’s store into the waiting boat and escaped.
04.11.2007: 0130 LT: 21:40N – 088:01E, Hoogli river, Sagar roads anchorage, India.
Six robbers armed with knives boarded a chemical tanker at anchor, via the poop deck. Crew raised alarm and activated anti-piracy measures. Robbers jumped overboard and escaped, with ship’s stores, in their waiting boat. No injuries to crew. Reported to harbour pilots but no action taken.
01.11.2007: 1320 LT: 01:52.5N – 102:09.5E, Malacca straits.
A small-unlit high-speed craft came close to a general cargo ship underway. Master switched on all deck lights, assembled all crew, and closed all entrances to the accommodation. Fire hoses standby and search lights directed towards the boat. Ships speed increased and evasive manoeuvres carried out. VTIS Port Klang notified. After about one and a half hours of trailing, the speedboat aborted the attempt.  MRCC Kuala Lumpur was informed.
31.10.2007: 0410 LT: 06:44.84S – 039:35.02E, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Ten pirates in a 10m long wooden boat boarded a container ship drifting. They broke into three containers, stole ship’s stores, property and escaped as soon as the crew was alerted. Port control informed.
29.10.2007: 2130 LT 02:11.57N – 045:47.95E, Mogadishu inner anchorage, Somalia.
The IMB Piracy Reporting Centre received a distress call that a general cargo ship was boarded and hijacked by seven armed pirates while at anchor after discharging cargo at Mogadishu. Pirates took control of the bridge, engine room and steering room.  There was a fight between the crewmembers and pirates.  Crew regained control the engine room and later managed to regain control of the bridge. Six crewmembers were injured.  An US warship rendered assistance in rescuing the crew and ship.  The injured crewmembers were given medical aid. Six pirates were captured and one killed.

28.10.2007: 2015 LT 21:40N-091:40E, Chittagong anchorage, Bangladesh.
Duty AB on a tanker noticed three robbers armed with knives on poop deck.  He informed D/O on bridge who raised alarm and flashed the Aldis lamp towards the robbers. Robbers jumped overboard and escaped. Some ship’s stores found stolen.  Coast guard informed.

26.09.2007: 0236 LT: 14:36.4N – 120:52.05E, Vic north harbour anchorage, Manila, Philippines.
Robbers boarded the ship at anchor from stbd side using grappling hook. They broke forecastle store lock and stole ship’s property and a life raft. Master reported to coast guard and they conducted an investigation and advised the master to take precautionary measures.

Maritime Safety News Today – 31 October 2007

October 31, 2007

Crew overpower pirates

By Andrew Cawthorne

NAIROBI (Reuters) – The crew of a foreign cargo ship seized by Somali pirates overpowered their hijackers on Tuesday and retook control of the latest vessel to run into trouble in some of the world’s most dangerous waters.

Divers haven’t found any signs of life on the capsized freighter
The Copenhagen Post – Copenhagen,Sealand,Denmark
Rescue workers in a helicopter meanwhile found the body of the ship‘s engineer. A team of German and Danish divers have been deployed to the accident site 

Australian sailor rescued from sinking boat
Sail World – Mandalong,NSW,Australia
Yet another entry in the Rally, Melric II, a New Zealand boat with Dave and Fran Chown on board, is standing by as a relay vessel.

Navy hit squad fails on ferries
NEWS.com.au – Australia
Some ferry workers have lost patience with the entrenched culture of rule breaking at the Maritime Union-dominated workplace, according to documents

IMO Releases Emergency Guidelines

Posted 10/30/07 at 09:35 AM

The IMO issued a circular forwarding guidelines on t control of ships in an emergency. The purpose of the guidelines is to provide member governments, ship masters, companies, salvors, and others engaged in a maritime emergency with a framework of authority within which to they may be expected to operate…

Marine Environment Initiative Launched

Posted 10/30/07 at 09:37 AMDemonstrating its fervent commitment to preserving the marine environment, the commercial maritime industry launched the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) at the World Maritime Day Observance in New York on October 25th.